Continuing Proof That It Is Cool To Be A Cat Lady

In case you had any doubt at all.

Model Anja Konstantinova has no doubt – she has 4 tattoos that hold to the cat theme. According to the Daily Mail:

A new lookbook and video campaign for Australian label Stylestalker, which required her to adopt a series of cat-like poses was little challenge.

Miss Konstantinova can be seen licking her ‘paws’, and nuzzling her face into a fluffy white kitten.

Does this description make you want to see that video? Sure it does! Here is that video:

And here is a video of Eartha Kitt playing Catwoman and just generally being amazing, which I threw in just in case you needed still more proof.

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    • Ash

      I love watching clips of Eartha kit as catwoman, she is the perfect cat lady. I also plan on using the phrase “muscular custody”