• Wed, Oct 26 2011

What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

Remember the house that gave away the full sized Snickers bars for Halloween when you were a kid? No? You were one of those kids who liked candy corn? Weirdo.

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  • Eileen

    I demand you analyse my choice of KitKat.

  • Rachel

    What if you like Skittles, but you divide the package into colours and eat one colour of Skittles at a time?

    I really just like Hershey bars best …

    • Natalie

      YES. I save the red ones for last though because they’re my favorite.

  • Elizabeth

    Butterfinger! Or Baby Ruth. No, Butterfinger.

  • Shannon

    Am I weird because mine are Bottle Caps?

    • Jennifer Wright

      I think you’re asking questions you know the answers to (Snickers rules).

    • Stella

      I love bottle caps. Root beer….yum!

  • Kyla

    Crispy crunch!

  • Chris

    Woah, you freeze Snickers bars?! That is an awesome idea!

  • Kenzie

    I’m almost offended by what you said about candy corn …

  • aarushi sharma

    Smashing Pumpkins in slow motion. As much as I hate having pumpkins smashed, seeing them in slow motion really is kind of cool.