Did Will Ferrell Once Want To ‘Roundhouse Kick’ Justin Bieber?

will farrell roundhouse kick justin bieberThe above photo, which was reportedly posted on a Twitter account maintained by Will Ferrell, has been making the rounds on Facebook. In it (in case you can’t read it from here), he captions a picture of himself with Justin Bieber thusly:

“Sitting in green room with Justin Bieber…must resist urge to roundhouse kick him in his midget face”

The tweet is hilarious, of course, but as it turns out, it’s unlikely that it was written by Ferrell himself. Not because that would be career suicide — although, to be fair, you don’t fuck with the Biebs — but rather, because as of March 30, E! Online was reporting that Ferrell did not have, and never has had a Twitter account. This tweet was posted about a month later, so it could be that Ferrell set one up just so he could take shots at the tween set.

No, really. That’s totally possible.

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    • Meghan

      I want to roundhouse kick Will Ferrell in his smug, not-funny face. Hah!

      • anon

        oh shaddup. i want to gut justin bieber (an overrated, crappy singing, baby), put his entrails in a pie, then eat that pie with will ferrell (a talented, hilarious actor).

    • Peterfile

      meghan, SHUT UP CUNT.

    • Martin

      Meghan, eat shit and die. By shit I mean the waste from someones anus not the waste from justin biebers mouth.

    • Anony

      Was this even worth reporting?…”the beibs”?…..id fucking kill him if i ever saw him in person

      • gunt

        oooh tuff guy here. You’d probably shy away and weep in the corner phag boi

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594864564 George Lance Waring

      Career killer? He would be the most popular man on earth!!