Breaking News: There Is A Sexy Ursula The Sea Witch Costume


Because Maleficient isn’t enough! Apparently, the costume makers of the world heard our voices echoing in the darkness and produced this bizarre “sexy Ursula” costume. Admittedly, she was seductive and could totally steal people’s voices, but you could probably pay some sort of Halloween homage to her just as well in a black evening gown. Because Ursula didn’t dress like a can-can dancer. Or not! Or you could go get this! Buy it quickly before they all sell out!

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    • Magda

      I made my own Ursula costume this year… Sexy, of course… But i did it because i found this one to be heinous.

      Basically, I bought a heart shaped corset, and made a black mini leather skirt with tentacles attached (the underside of the tentacles is a purple sequinned material) I bought some fishnets with a purple seam up the back. Add heels, make up and hair. =)