• Thu, Oct 27 2011

Kate Middleton Wore A Fancy White Dress To A Charity Event

Breaking news out of London, everyone: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, AKA Kate Middleton, wore a strappy white column by Amanda Wakeley last night. Middleton was attending The Claridge House party in support of In Kind Direct charity and here she is greeting guests. The gown is a little bit bridal and also… a little bit… Caché, albiet from a world where Caché dresses cost $8,000 and are available in solid-gold malls. So, does that make this a misstep for her or what?


And again:

(Images via Getty)

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  • Fabel

    She’s slouching! AH!

  • mlf

    It wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t added the pageant queen hair. Sheesh.

  • huh

    Ok Catherine wore a fancy dress to a charity event Ok. So? She looked fine….

  • mlf

    I’m an idiot…

  • Sean

    It looks a green pastel to me not white. Who writes these articles? A color blind brain dead looking-for -work 3rd grader?

  • sarita

    Why is everyone ignoring the point here? Which is, LOOK HOW HUGE HER UPPER ARMS LOOK IN THE FIRST PICTURE. So much bigger than the rest of her body!!