Will You Be Dressing As A Sassy Holocaust Victim This Halloween?

Would you like to dress your kid up as a cute and sassy victim WWII-era German Jew this Halloween? This Girls Fantasy “World War II Evacuee” costume is here to help. With school uniform, beret, and bag, it seems to be aiming at Anne Frank without actually mentioning her name (and without the Juden star, thank God.) Looking at this costume, I’m struck by several things:

1.) The Holocaust was a terrible event in history and everyone should learn about it. But maybe little girls can wait until middle school to learn about the great potential for evil that exists in the human heart? (I mean, they are bound to learn about it then, anyway.)

2.) The Holocaust was not cute! Why are they trying to make it cute?! I don’t think there are any girls whose “Girls Fantasy” (ugh, why is there no apostrophe?) involves dying a terrible death in a concentration camp.

3.) Actually, maybe it could be kind of a cool costume for a precocious little girl who’s into history and has read/admired The Diary Of Anne Frank. Maybe?

4.) Who dresses up as a character from history? Nerds, that’s who.

5.) My grandfather’s ex-girlfriend actually was a World War II evacuee. She got sent to England right before her whole family was murdered by the Nazis. I don’t actually know what she’d say about this, but I’m pretty sure it would be…somewhat negative.

What say you, opinionated readers?

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    • Cee

      Well your site recently allowed a post about a sexy Anne Frank, so you’d first have to have a response to your own post for me to even think your and your sites outrage about this costume are sincere. Where was your editor when that article was posted? Very irresponsible.

      • 89

        yeah, good luck with that. they never take any responsibility for some of the bullshit they post. They’re almost worse than Jezebel.

      • Jamie Peck

        Not my decision. Write a letter to the EIC if you are upset about it. I’m serious. Or, better yet, a guest post on why dressing like Anne Frank is not okay.

      • Fatima

        Agree with Cee. The timing of this article is laughable juxtaposed by the “sexy Anne Frank’ costume post. Nice try though.

    • Christa

      I’m unsure if they are referring to Jews without actually saying it, or if they just aren’t referring to Jews at all – during WWII, children were evacuated from London to live in the country with families (not always ones they had any previous relationship to), while their parents remained in the city, working etc. They did that in response to the fear London would be bombed.

      At any rate, it kinda just looks like a Girl Scout type outfit.

    • D.

      A lot of children were evacuated in Britain during WWII. That was kind of the thing in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, the children had been evacuated, that’s how they ended up at the house where the wardrobe was at. And I believe that the kids in Bedknobs and Broomsticks also were evacuees. I know Britain wasn’t the only place to evacuate their children. It’s a strange costume that’s for sure. Probably pay more for it than you would by putting together your own just like it at a thrift store. Who knows, maybe it is a Lion Witch Wardrobe knock-off. I really do see a WWII evacuee, not Holocaust Victim.

      • Jamie Peck

        That makes sense. I hope that’s what they meant!

    • El

      It’s definitely a British child evacuee. They had name tags and little boxes of toys and snacks that looked like that.

      Weird, yeah, but luckily not offensive. :) For reference, this is pretty close to how they dressed Lucy in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. (Thought it is a rather ubiquitous look.) http://costumes.narniaweb.com/pevensiesfiles/calendartrain.jpg

    • Chocablock

      First of all this dress up is not about Holocaust survivors. It clearly states it is a costume based on Evacuees. So how is it related to Anne Frank? The packaging and the dress up doesn’t seem related to her at all.

      I honestly don’t see how it is offensive. This was a silly issue to bring up, considering that the title/name of the costume pretty much gives all the details.

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, she’s an evacuee: the kids sent from cities to the countryside to escape the worst of the bombing (as in the aforementioned Bedknobs and Broomsticks and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). They were given little brown boxes like the one she’s carrying. The evacuee POV is used a lot in Europe to teach children about WWII.

    • Linda

      Ewww that is sick and yea lots of british kids got evaccuated and poor german children got raped and killed.

    • Courtney Lane Maki

      Aside from the horrible racial and genocide connotations, this isn’t even a good costume! Like, whats the point?

      xoxox Maki – (www.miaandmaki.com)

    • MM

      Since evacuee =/= Holocaust victim and most evacuees weren’t horribly murdered I don’t think this is in poor taste so much as confusing and really, well, weak (who is going to think that’s a costume?).

      Someone mentioned the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and I wonder if it’s supposed to be inspired by that, perhaps like the copyright infringement euphemisms also posted on this site.

    • Shannon

      Apparently, this is a British thing–not just what the costume IS, but why one would wear it. Take a look: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/27/would-war-ii-evacuee-costume_n_1035669.html?ir=Weird%20News

    • adam

      Pretty sure it’s meant to be a Narnia costume, but because of copywright, you get this.