• Fri, Oct 28 2011

Gallery: Courtney Stodden’s ‘Before’ Photos

Someone in Courtney Stodden‘s camp (here’s looking at you, Krista Keller) has figured out that pre-plastic surgery images of Stodden generate instant coverage from shameless bloggers like us. By now, the 17-year-old child bride needs no introduction, though we like to mention that glorious moment when her Twitter was the greatest thing on the interent (sadly, it has become self-aware). Anyway, the Daily Mail unearthed a cache of photos featuring a wholesome, normal-looking, tween-aged Stodden, with just a few hints of the fang-bearing, lip-licking, hollow-giggling maniac we know today. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

(via the Mail)

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  • Amanda

    Does anyone else think she looks like Taylor Momsen?

    • Fatima

      Every skinny, grungy, used up, dead eyed blonde looks like Taylor Momsen.

  • Alayna

    This girl is way over-sexualized. Who taught her to pose like that in EVERY PICTURE?

    It’s practically child porn.

  • Ruby

    these photos actually make me think shes had less plastic surgery than i originally assumed, just seriously awful collagen and terrible make up advice. she looks kind of like one of those super skinny girls early highschool who got hit by puberty like a ton of bricks (to the chestal region) but even im not sure boobs can sprout that fast.

    • amber dawn

      they can sprout that fast, but her boobs really don’t look like real boobs to me. these photos make me sad because she just looks like a normal teenage girl in them. (Yes, she’s leaning and making sexyface in all of them, but that is normal teenage girl behavior too, even for non-totally screwed up teenage girls.)

  • SometimesElla

    I hate to be the one to say it, but I will, she looks like a cute kid who had the bad luck of being born to a trashy parent (or parents, not sure of the situation at home)…

    • Stella

      I agree. I gotta believe mom taught or at least encouraged her young teenage daughters to be such sensually seductive sirens. Barf.

  • Jane

    These make me really really sad. I’m finally starting to believe that she is 17 and she’s being horribly taken advantage of, to phrase it lightly.

    • M

      What freaks me out the most about this group of pictures is thinking about what she’s like now, and then realizing these were only from a few years ago. You don’t look at pictures like that and think ‘Soon she’ll be used up, fame-whoring, and married to a creepy old guy!’

  • Celia

    There’s a girl I went to high school with that looks kinda like her. She even did the whole “model” and pageant thing. And was a real airhead – sweet girl, but reeeeeeeeeeal dumb. Thanks to Courtney Stodden, I know how said girl will probably wind up.

  • Daniela

    She kinda looks like Snooki in slide 9. Well, a blonde Snooki.

  • beth

    she kind of looked like a young meg ryan or even kate hudson in some of those pics. now she looks like a washed up porn star. now she looks twice her age.

  • Ozzi

    She’s been studying Paris and Kim. She wants fame and fortune and she’s getting it through notoriety. It’s a shame she went too far with the plastic surgery.

  • ifiok anjah

    its quite a pity.she is just 17 and she looks thrice older than her age all because of one lousy fame she wants for herself by indulging in a ‘too- early’ or premature plastic surgery.im afraid of what she would look like in 10 years to come