The Editors Discuss: How Old Is Too Old For Halloween?

This week, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff are discussing Halloween (obviously): namely, how old is too old to celebrate? When does observing the occasion become tedious? Should you dress as something obscure? Are all seasonal candies gross? And why do they call them “fun size” if they’re fucking smaller than the normal sized ones?! THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE.

[Pictures via I Hate My Parents except lobster baby]

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    • Stella

      The last picture will haunt me in my nightmares.

    • August S.

      That was a brilliant photo psych-out, Ashley/Jennifer. “Cute!” “Adorable lil’ Hulk!” “Aw, lobster baby!” “Look at the bunny!” “Awwwhat the holy hell is that?!”

      Well played, sirs. Well played.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        that was all mine!

    • Daniela

      I went as Starlet O’Hara a couple of years ago. My roommate got it immediately, but almost everyone else was confused. Some people actually asked me if I was dressed up as a set of curtains…

    • Eve

      NOM NOM NOM NOM babies! Sweet lobster babies.

    • kel

      I totally did the Angus Young costume a few years ago. NO ONE got it. All I got was, “Avril Lavigne?” or “School of Rock?” It was terrible.

    • Rose

      I was James May. The Doctor Who guys and the Automotive guys got who I was. Every one else didn’t think I was dressed up.

      • Kdub

        I’m trying to picture how a woman (given the name Rose, I’m assuming you’re of the female persuasion) dresses up as James May. I’ve watched lots of Top Gear and James May’s Toy Stories and that other show where he drove around drinking wine with that insufferable snob and I’m having a hard time picturing it in my head. I am a woman btw and would like to think I would have gotten your costume, depending on how you pulled it off, of course.

      • Rose

        I found a duplicate of that ghastly pink and purple striped shirt, dyed in the grey at the temples and wore some jeans and brown shoes.

        I tried to make myself older but given the 30 year age difference between the two of us it didn’t particularly work…

        Had you gotten it though I would’ve been absolutely DELIGHTED! Perhaps I needed my co-presenters to make the costume make more sense…

      • Kdub

        Since a Jeremy Clarkson look-a-like might be hard to find (and I doubt Elliot Gould would’ve been available), maybe a steering wheel (with a Bugatti emblem taped in the middle :) would have done it.