• Sun, Oct 30 2011

Heidi Klum Makes A Joke About Sexy Halloween Costumes At Kim Kardashian’s Expense

Kim Kardashian‘s Halloween costume this year is not half bad. Despite the fact that her outfit is predictably Slut-o-ween-ish, she makes a surprisingly decent Poison Ivy. (And it’s not like you have to be a “sexy Poison Ivy;” for the benefit of horny nerds, the character is designed to be sexy already.) However, Heidi Klum one-upped her (and pretty much everyone else) when she tweeted a photo of herself in her visible woman costume, alongside a salutation for Kim:

To which Kim responded:

Let’s hope this actually comes to pass, because I would very much like to see Kim Kardashian dressed up as Hilary Clinton‘s alien baby or whichever strange tabloid creature captures Klum’s attention next.

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  • qwerty

    Klum and Kardashian were joking WITH each other. Quit trying to make everything into a “cat fight.”

    • Renae

      You obviously didn’t read the article. There was never a fight mention. Making a joke at another person’s expense does not always mean in a cruel way. My best friend makes jokes at my expense.

    • Mel

      @Ranae- You obviously didn’t comprehend qwerty’s comment. She was referencing the title of the article. Poor attempt to lure in more readers.

  • topin24

    Happy Halloween ….

  • Alina Erin

    I like her sexy halloween costume well Kim Karadashian always look gorgeous.

    I have also done some work for halloween. Hope Viewers will enjoy.
    and Happy Halloween Every One !

    Alina Erin

  • fashionner


  • Mark

    Heidi is a hag.