Doug Hutchinson Dressed As Courtney Stodden For Halloween – What Did Courtney Dress As?

Look, let’s be honest, this is the least weird thing that Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have done lately. Compared to leaping on one another and fornicating in a pumpkin patch, the fact that Doug dressed up as his 17 year old child bride seemed positively traditional. But what is Courtney?

She’s a sexy cheerleader. Were you a cheerleader in high school? If so, did you dress this way? (Answer: no). If yes, how did you keep those thigh highs up while doing kicks? This becomes extra odd when you remember that Courtney is at the period in her life when she could, you know, legitimately be a cheerleader and thus learn how to better imitate them in the future.

But, well, at least they have a sense of humor about themselves! That said, would you allow your significant other to dress as you for Halloween? Maybe? Vote!

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    • Casey

      She needs pom-poms. Stodden, you definitely half-assed it this time.

      • Richie

        I agree.

    • Samantha

      I think he makes a really cute Courtney Stodden! Ha ha

    • Ash

      It looks like she dressed the way she normally does? Maybe if she had dressed as a real 17 year old it would have been better?

    • Jill

      She looks oddly wholesome, even with the giant phallic lollipop. I guess cause it’s a lollipop, and not an actual phallus?

    • Fatima

      That’s the laziest cheerleading costume ever. Ironically, I thought she was trying to be a little girl. You know, a “sexy little girl”.

    • Quin

      I have no real reason for commenting other than that he’s holding a Sugar Daddy candy. Yeah.

    • MM

      I’m reminded of 30 Rock when Jenna dated a Jenna impersonator. Also, did anyone else notice his ‘Sugar Daddy’ candy? Way to be subtle, dude.

      • Jennifer Wright

        YES! I wanted to mention it but I couldn’t find a good clip.

    • Richie

      I honestly believe that people who don’t like her…are truly jealous of her. She’s everything a man could only dream and hope for.

      • Mj

        Wow, you are shallow! She has what going for her? she is not smart?

        Her parents allowed her to marry a man older enough to be her dad! Sick!!!!

        She really is not beautiful: A beautiful person is all rounded and Courtney is not at all rounded only her tits are!


    • laurie

      If she is a kid then wouldn’t he be in jail or prison. And if she is really young as she says then yuk…she will be so gross and ugly in a few years. Meaning she is aging so badly. Saggy u know whats for a young girl ???? I’m not sure. But she looks old and gross…too much makeup. Why if she is that young isn’t her husband and weird parents in jail or prison???