Gallery: Vogue Italia Features Models On The Train

Sometimes, as a model, you have to be somewhere. But you aren’t just going to travel to your destination looking like any other normal person — you’re better than that. So you’ll take the train, but you’ll do so in couture. Like so:

Photos via Vogue Italia, November Issue/Credit Steven Meisel

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    • fashionaddict

      I was looking thru the Vogue spread of the subway models, and I realized that one of the models have on a pair of JAESYN BURKE’S EYEWEAR, but the y gave the credit to Stevie Boi! WOOOOWWW…..just goes to show that the industry is very shady. I wonder if Jaesyn noticed this. If so, call me crazy,but Jaesyn, I SMELL A LAWSUIT FOR REAL!!