The 5 Most Stylish Scenes In Horror Movies

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that sleek surroundings, cool haircuts and elegant outfits are just for romantic comedies.

One of the major things we learned from Carrie was that in 1976, it was possible to rent a tuxedo for $10.

It seems impossible to even think about a list of stylish horror movie villains without referencing Dracula. I mean, look at the collar on that shirt. Just look at it!

We know that Jack Torrance is unhinged and possibly posessed by the devil, but isn’t it nice that the bartenders are so neatly dressed? You keep fever dreaming, old buddy.

Rosemary’s baby is about a woman with excellent cheekbones who gets a snazzy new haircut. So, the whole damn movie.

Who knew that red eyes could look that good? Just slap on some feathers if you ever get pink-eye and you’ll be good to go.


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    • Tifa

      Suspiria isn’t in here?
      In fact, no Argento at all? Even his blood was stylish. Bless those Italians.

    • james

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    • BestMoviezOnline

      Enjoyed Reading This.

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    • Tee Jia Hao

      This is garbitch! No manhunter? No Italian horror films? And worse of all, no stylish scenes?