Male Model Andrej Pejic Recreates Iconic Nastassja Kinski Snake Portrait

Androgynous male model (and Gloss fixation) Andrej Pejic was proclaimed “Stylemaker of the Year” by OUT magazine, ranking high on their list of influential LGBT people. The blurb is brief but features that kind of intelligent unwillingness to take himself too seriously we’ve come to really like about Pejic (on his decision to wear a skirt for a party at Buckingham Palace: “Let’s face it, we all love a good queen”).

The real surprise, however, is this portrait:

…Which is an homage to the iconic (actually) portrait of Nastassja Kinski taken by the late, great Richard Avedon:

This is pretty on point for Pejic: an updated, winking spin on a classic fashion portrait with at least one obvious play on words. Which do you prefer?

Yup. We’re not sick of him yet.

(via NYMag)

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    • Kayla

      I love Andrej. Hope you guys continue to post about him :)

    • Winter

      As a straight male that loves Andrej and everything about him, I’d like to go on record as saying – it wouldn’t take me more than a couple of drinks and half closed eyes after seeing this picture.

      • Bells

        this one is actually better than the original…

    • Eris

      I heard he may be cast in movies soon….oh please God let this be tru :)