Citizens Mourn Kim Kardashian’s Sham Marriage At NYC Candlelight Vigil

Some delightful people at Buzzfeed organized a pretty brilliant flashmob yesterday: a candlelight vigil outside of the SoHo location of Dash (the boutique owned and, I don’t know, curated) by Kim Kardashian and her ilk. The vigil was in observance of Kim’s decision to file for divorce from her sham husband–oafish famewhore Kris Humphries–yesterday after just 72 days of marriage, thus ending their sham marriage and bringing attention to the Kardashians on a massive scale once again. Here’s what happened before the mob was cleared out by police.

All photos by Amy Sly via Buzzfeed.

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    • Ash

      I thought they were married for a month? How did they have wedding pictures out a month ago if they’ve only been married for 72 hours?

    • Danielle Lilly

      Ha! I love the Peewee Herman look alike. Most likely the wedding pictures were done in advance of the actual wedding. My guess is that this was just a publicity stunt designed to make her and her hubby some quick cash.

    • Stella

      I love these people. The third picture, with the girl leaning her head on the guy’s shoulder, mournful look on her face, is killing me.

    • Gracie

      omg LOL what losers haha this is hilarious