Amanda Seyfried’s Turquoise Shorts-Suit: How Do You Feel?

At the UK premiere of In Time (a movie Jennifer posted about yesterday), the film’s female lead Amanda Seyfried took a bit of a sartorial risk. Rather than your usual glamorous gown, she opted for a shiny blue shorts suit by H&M.

Now, I know it’s hard to judge anything Amanda Seyfried wears because she’s so cute, radiant, and magical (and seemingly intelligent, to boot!) that she sort of ruins most people’s ability to objectively evaluate clothing. But let’s break this down for a second: despite the fact that it includes a blazer, this hot-shorts-suit might be the most inappropriate-for-anywhere outfit I’ve seen on the red carpet in recent memory. The blazer makes it seem a little too business-like for a Hollywood actress walking the red carpet, while the hot shorts make it totally inappropriate for anywhere else. And the color is a tricky one to love.

I guess I’m less annoyed at Amanda Seyfried for pulling this thing off, and more annoyed that it’s from H&M’s spring 2012 collection. H&M is supposed to sell affordable, wearable fashion, and I can’t imagine where anyone would possibly be able to wear this outside of the anything-goes environs of a red carpet. It’s just too business-on-top, party-on-bottom. Anyway, how do you feel?

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    • Berlyn

      I don’t think I would wear the whole thing together, but I would wear the two pieces separately.

    • Hanna Brooks Olsen

      Into it.

    • Sarita

      She’s perfect, so… I want it just because I saw her in it. It might be beautiful or hideous, I really don’t know, I’m completely blind to it.

    • BL

      I think it would work better if the blazer was more cropped/had a shrunken feel to it. It needs to be more playful to match the shorts that it accompanies, but I like that its there. The shorts need to be toned down if they are to be at all appropriate. I think the outfit works though, edgy, a little sass with the serious.

      Now, the black top she’s wearing underneath the blazer? I think that needs work, and would help the overall look of the outfit. Maybe not something with such a high neckline. It doesn’t need to be plunging, but I think a little neck and some accessories could’ve really helped to pull this together.

    • Kimber

      I agree with the point about the undershirt, and if the jacket was a little more cropped, with a nipped waist. I like it though, it’s a cute outfit. Could look a little dressier if she wore some black nylons.

    • Stella

      I was in Mexico last year, and one night Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillipe were having dinner in the same restaurant as my family and me. I could not believe how tiny she was–not just short and skinny, but tiny–little-bitty head, hands, etc.–so when I see this picture all I can think is that she probably looked like a perfect little doll in real life.

      That said, if I had them bruises on my legs I’d probably save this suit for another time.