Gallery: Photos From Heidi Klum’s NYC Halloween Bash

Last night, Heidi Klum threw the second of her two impressive Halloween bashes at the fancy pants Dream Hotel in NYC. You probably weren’t invited. It’s cool, we weren’t either. Luckily, there are pictures all over the Internet already, so we can still laugh over how pathetic everyone else’s attempts at “costumes” looked in comparison to Klum’s elaborate monkey suit. Just kidding, pretty much everyone looked great but no one beat Heidi. Honorable mention goes to Amber Rose, The Blonds, and a few Project Runway alums.

(First seven photos via Styleite; the rest via The Cut)

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    • Jennifer Wright

      Why have I never gone as a gremlin for Halloween?

    • August S.

      Kyle MacLachlan was spray cheese– his costume is kinda genius.

      (Here’s a full-length pic: )

    • Nikita

      I should have been invited. I was a category 5 Hermancane.