8 Reasons You Should Have Morning Sex

Most everyone, I think, knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I would exclude myself from the ranks of most everyone claiming ignorance, but in fact I am just lazy. I could be a one-woman focus group for Special K’s advertising agency. My excuses for skipping breakfast include dieting, time-saving, and sheer exhaustion. In the wee hours between 7 and 8am, the snooze button is the king of my castle.

Of course, I make similar excuses for morning sex. As much as I enjoy a good morning romp between the sheets, I always find excuses for passing up on going down.

When I do do it in the mornings, I remember it is the greatest ever. It is really super awesome and makes my entire day kick ass. So to convince myself as well as others, I have listed all of the reasons why morning sex is the most important sex of the day.

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    • Joyce

      Morning sex is very practical, especially for people that work long hours during the rest of the day. Ten minutes in the morning is always better than none. Plus, morning sex feels really good too!

      • Steffy

        10 minutes??? What’s wrong with that picture lol

      • mona t

        I totally get the 10 minute thing!!! You dont have alot of time cause you gotta get to work sooooo…..sometimes I dont even care if I get off…Im just happy to feel close to my man and give him a little taste of what he needs to finish when he gets home! I can always take care of myself when he leaves the bed…and there aint nothin wrong wit that!

    • msgonzo10

      It took me a long time to “come to Jesus” on this but now I’m completely sold. Hubby and I have become big fans of AM lovin’ because we can indulge in a guilt free quickie without any expectation of romance or longevity (sometimes you want that but sometimes those expectations can ruin an otherwise perfectly good time). We’re coming up on 10 yrs of marriage and it was quite liberating once we understood that sometimes you want champagne & candlelight and sometime you really just want to handle business. Nothing wrong with that!

    • MR

      Again just a guy’s opinion. Anytime of the days is good though it’s that time when it most relaxes a woman, when I feel it brings the best results for both she and me. The breasts in your photo – yeah wishing to pounce on the boob job posting awhile back – are a nice size though smaller is fine too.

    • JJ

      Morning sex is fine, so long as it isn’t substituted for night time activities on a routine basis. Speaking for guys everywhere, it sucks having to go to sleep, or trying to with a hard on, and after morning sex, most of us would usually like to go back to sleep (yes, sex is a wonderful sleep aid), hence while doing it more often at night, is often preferred. Hey, we’ll gladly give and take it where we can get it, but when women get on a “routine” to the point of being downright mundane, well, you can imagine why we might get less excited about the change in schedules. Just calling it like many unwhipped guys see it. Take care.

    • Shiantric Gozon

      Morning sex is indeed a very good excercise! Lol.

      Charles Brown – Blogger
      Ever wonder how to orgasm? It’s certainly not as easy as it’s made to look in the movies.

    • sheanice

      morning sex is the best sex i have ever experienced. have you ever woke up and you are already having sex?

    • me

      as much as morning sex is great i find it takes to long to wake miss v in the morning which makes my man very impatient and the clicking clock put unnecessary pressure

    • me

      morning sex is great really it is but for me it doesnt always work. my hubby leaves for working really early so i may not be as receiptive and getting hot takes much longer for me making my hubby very impatient.
      and the clicking clock does not make thing any easier

      • Valerie

        Who said he had to be there? rofl

    • pete

      I love it in the am,nothin like morning wood!boing!

    • suresh

      hey i work in a call center in india so we work for an american company so its always morning sex :) lol

    • Catherine Smith

      I prefer morning sex to Frosted Flakes any day.

      But women understand that this means orgasm for the man and pleasure without orgasm for her. Women usually need a little more than a 10 minutes.

      Tantric quickies is a good alternative. It takes a little practice, but with focus and controlled breathing it can get pretty intense…just a suggestion.


    • Chuks Ezekwugo

      Morning naturally is good,but it makes most of us to get to work early n start dosing off while on duty

    • Aloha

      Fuck me till the world ends.

    • Roy

      The energy given off during morning intercourse can improve your health and mood for the whole day.

    • bismal

      i love morning sex like hell……mwaaaaaaah

    • Truccer

      I just got done gettin in my wife’s fantastic creamy wet sticky pussy we gonna lay down maybe an hour r 2 den Ima get rite bacc in da pussy ima eat it 1st.then ima get in it