Do We Need To Stop Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

I hate the Kardashians.

Now, I don’t hate reality shows. Given the choice, I’d probably pick something scripted, because I love snappy dialogue, but plenty of enjoyable ones exist. If more don’t, it may be because we’re at the beginning of an art form with them as a format. In all likelihood, reality shows are going to evolve and get better, in just the way movies today seem better than the rather stiff acting we see in mediocre 1930′s melodramas, or television today – by which I mean Breaking Bad and Mad Men – is considerably better than many of the scripted shows of the 1960′s. And I think we see some reality television shows that are legitimately interesting – hell, Kidnation was pretty much just Plato’s Republic with a bunch of 8 year olds.

On a more practical level, there are dozens of programs that allow ordinary citizens to be seen for their talents. Top Chef? Sure. American Idol? If you must. X Factor? I’ve never seen that, but what the hell.

I just want to be clear that I don’t hate reality television.

But I do hate the Kardashians, because I’ve never seen any good reason not to. I have watched them snipe at one another, and wander around swilling from champagne glasses, and attempt ear candling experiments and snipe at each other some more, and I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t find all of that a little bit repulsive. I’m not sure we’re to commend people for “putting it all out there” any more than we should commend someone for taking a shit in the middle of a stranger’s living room.[tagbox tag="the kardashians"]

The difference between them and say, a contestant on Top Chef, is that the contestant there seems to be working towards a socially beneficial end. If he wins, and becomes famous through his appearance of Top Chef, he will be able to open a restaurant where he will be able to cook food that food critics agree is excellent. This will be a good thing for society at large, or, at least the portion of society that likes eating things.

I do not see what we gain from watching Kim Kardashian. I can only imagine it’s the knowledge that it’s okay to cry if you find you have psoriasis.

The 72 day wedding fiasco seems to bring all my worries to a head. I’m not troubled that it was a brief marriage – some marriages are brief, and we shouldn’t judge people for making missteps – but it seems like this was treated in a way that  1) on the E! Kim’s Fairy Tale Wedding special Kim made it clear that she was getting married because she was “in her prime” and she wasn’t going to photograph well forever and I guess I just want to say this is my new “worst reason to get married” and 2) Kim’s response to the divorce seemed almost comically blase in a time when so many people are fighting for the right to get married. In case you forgot, she claimed:

“I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.”

And issuing that statement when her seemingly dimwitted husband is flabbergasted is wildly insensitive. ”I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce,” he said to “I’m committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.”

Poor fellow. Surely everyone knew it was over the minute she said she could never move because it would interfere with her career, and he suggested that by the time she had kids in school, no one would care about her. That is because her career is based on a sex tape and a well shaped behind.

I understand that Kim Kardashian wants to be famous, but perhaps one’s all time “career high” should not revolve around a wedding. Because that is 1) not what weddings are for and 2) not beneficial to anyone except yourself and the staff of US magazine.

Fame is really is only a good thing when it’s used towards an end. If you are an actress and being famous will help you get better roles which will allow you to reach more people with you skills, that seems entirely sensible. However, generally if you are famous just because it seems cool to be famous, it doesn’t work out well for anyone – even the person who is famous.

When Andy Warhol said that in the future, everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes, he didn’t mean that as a really rosy outlook on things. It’s not a rosy outlook, because, unless you have a substantial accomplishment, it is over in 15 minutes. Apparently this thought never occurred to Kim Kardashian. Andy Warhol, on the other hand, was pretty familiar with what happened to people when you made them famous for no reason. They all died.

That’s the end of that story, they all died or at least enough of them did that every time you read a biography on Warhol’s superstars, you wait for them to get to the part when they OD’d on heroin or jumped out a window. When Andy Warhol told Edie Sedgwick’s mother that he thought Edie was going to be really famous, Edie’s mother memorably replied “and what would be the purpose of that?” Andy said “well, everyone wants to be famous.” Edie’s mother replied “I had much higher hopes for my daughter.” Edie died from an overdose at 28.

I worry that by becoming socially enamored with people like the Kardashians we’ve forgotten that there are higher things to hope for.

Someone once expressed surprise that I love the royal family but hate the Kardashians, when both fundamentally exist to put their lives on display for the public. That’s true, but one exists to do so well. If the royal family still serves a function, it’s to embody English values. Serving in the army. Committing one’s self to public service. Worrying about the well-being of your countrymen. Generally things that require a certain amount of self sacrifice and a willingness to help others. That’s not to say that they’re always successful in that goal (because they’re human beings) but that’s why it is a terrific scandal when one of them wants to dress in Nazi regalia for a costume party when they’re an idiot teenager.

That fact that Kim Kardashian’s is held up as America’s answer to Kate Middleton seems to signify that the quintessential American values are “a lust for fame at any cost.” I am reluctant to believe that that’s anything people are particularly invested in keeping up with.

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    • Jamie Peck

      Are you okay? It’s not like you to rip on the Golden Age of Cinema!

      • Jennifer Wright

        I think all my feelings might have made me irrational for a second there. I’m sure I meant 1910s.

      • Kj

        Now now, I’m sure that back in the day they had their equivalent of “Straight to DVD” releases.

    • Raquel

      This is spot on how I feel about reality tv, especially when it comes to the untalented lot we like to call the Kardashians. Kim has tried to squeeze the juice of her 15 min. of fame and prolonging it to an hour. Americans have been dumb enough to fall for it and have put her up on the pedestal even though she lacks common sense, knowledge and has nothing to contribute to society apart from sexy pictures. COME ON! This whole wedding fiasco is the last straw. I am so sick and tired of this nonsense.

    • Dina

      Kardashians suck.

    • Kj

      I just… ugh. I feel weirdly sick about the whole thing. Considering I don’t watch their show or care in any way at all, I am taking the situation kinda personally. I feel so bad for Kris. I think that I am offended that he has been hurt in this way just to promote her career.

      They really should go away now. It’s like their lives are being touted as ideal – the American Dream! – and how pathetic is it that this is what people are striving for now? Ugh.

    • Cee

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I was just having this discussion with my coworkers who “keep up” with the Kardashians. I asked them “What do they do? They just make money, but to what end?” Is it going towards a musical/acting career. If they didn’t have reality shows they would not be “models” either. So what do they DO? Its sickening the money we give this family, and a little sad to see how much of their life they sell for a pretty penny too. At least donate to charity!

    • BL

      I can’t help but think this was ALL about vanity and $$$. Think about how much money Kim made from this wedding. I know from watching the show, that practically every other word out of her mouth (and her mother’s) is “business.” This was a business move for Kim, it had to have been. It’s impossible to believe that two people could get married with out having at least a basic conversation about where they were going to live, kids, etc. Just ridiculous.

      I think this is worse than all other short-lived celebrity marriages because they made such a big deal out of it. It was such an over-the-top extravagant, public affair, and it was undone in less than 3 months. It took longer to plan the weddding. I’m thoroughly disgusted. I wanna slap some goddamn sense into that vapid, vain, ignorant, m*grumble grumble grumble…*

    • sally

      this article is trash. this is a business, not reality. vapid individuals only think its reality. that’s whats wrong with our nation.

    • Joyce


    • Sinkina

      She makes me sick. I’m so over her and her family and really hope they go away now .

    • Cyndy

      I have started a petition to e! Online to stop airing keeping up with the kardashians.
      Enough is enough.

      • Shar J

        Good job! I’ve sent out to all my contacts and posted on other blogs. Glad someone stood up to make a difference.

    • teresa

      Yes. Yes we do. I would love to see one day in which every legitimate news source in the country chose to purposefully exclude the Kardashians from mention from this point onward

      Any person with such blatant disregard for marriage – a right that some people fight for – and mere self-respect should not be someone whose face still appears in the media. It promotes the type of meaningless pop-culture fascination to which the country is already subjected by way of silly shows – Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, etc – and other imbeciles – here, the entire Kardashian Klan.

      I would love to see a day, just one, in which the media highlights true philanthropic work done by other celebrities rather than exploit the ones who just cannot get their shit together. Why not highlight leading psychologists, nutritionists, athletes, etc? Having people like the Kardashians in the media promotes the poor form of “entertainment” with which many people are now accustomed. After a period in which media exposure is refocused on people who actually make a positive contribution to society, perhaps the draw of the Kardashians will have dissipated

      • TB

        “Why not highlight leading psychologists, nutritionists, athletes, etc?”
        I agree. Our attention should be given to people who represent better values. I used to admire Kim and think she was really beautiful (and want to be like her) but hearing about the divorce and reading these comments made me realize how I realize how completely shallow that was.

    • Rebecka


      • Helene

        Go Rebecka, stop hating on others. Its their show on tv. They like it, some other people do to. Who cares? Zap away, dear.

    • hadenough

      It’s time to boycott. Don’t watch the shows. Don’t buy their products. E-mail their sponsors and products they endorse and tell them you will not purchase any products endorsed by this family. E-mail the shopping channels that hawk their merchandise. E-mail the stores that carry their lines. Let them know you’ll be boycotting not only K. products but the channel/store/product too. Commenting is fun but has no results – hit this family where they live, in the pocketbook.

      • MR

        Hmm. You’re pretty fired up aren’t you? :) I laughed when she tried to hawk Uma’s Poison Ivy at Halloween. There is and will only be one Poison Ivy. What was Uma’s Dr./Phd name? Kim can’t stand anywhere in the same ballpark.

      • TB

        Given the disrespect that she has shown to the socially important institution of marriage, and to her husband — who apparently took his commitment seriously — I think this is the right thing to do. I don’ t think I could bring myself to buy her products — it would just feel wrong now.

    • J

      It’s clear that if no body likes Keeping Up with the Kardashians, then it’s as simple as the ABC’s: Don’t watch it.

      As for their popularity, it’s understandable that every headline in every magazine has to do with the Kardashians and it gets annoying, but it’s also not that difficult to ignore. We’re just feeding their ego even more by expressing our hate for them. We’re still talking about them right? So it’s pointless to make articles like this and commenting on how vain, rich, stupid, etc. they are. It’s simple just to ignore it.

      And this article is too drastic…along with other people who say that they “hate” the Kardashians. You can’t “hate” someone if you’re only basing your judgment on their TV show or what you see on headlines. What’s wrong with the words, “annoyed of”? Expressing your strong emotion for them will only feed their egos even more.

    • Cary

      I’m still confused about how the Karshidians became famous. I mean did some one just decide to do a reality Tv show about them – if so why them? I’m just really perplexed about the whole thing.

    • sheena

      You say we should stop keeping up with the Kardashians and yet you continue to post about them….like really, 4 or 5 articles since you wrote this one. If media quit writing about them guess what – they’d disappear. Continuing to write about them is exactly what they want.

    • Mav

      The Kardashians had the money to make money and will continue further business endeavors to keep the money train rolling, if people keep buying. I say, STOP BUYING THE KARDASHIAN PRODUCTS. Boycott the whole family! They have enough money! They really should lay low for awhile, but they didn’t, they were right back to business as usual after the news of Kim’s divorce. The rich get richer. Why? Because we support them. STOP THE MADNESS.

    • connie

      they are just high priced over sexed bimbos

    • sue

      they should do a play boy spread, they all hang out if you get the drift !!! and since they always want to show it off, they should do a spread ole hugh would make a bundle off of it now wouldnt he

    • CAB

      These talentless people are famous for sex tapes heavy thick makeup omg!!!-lies and last straw to get married in the eyes of GOD just for money it’s just not right and we have to put a stop to all this now as society can’t idolize people like this!! We do not want our children & future children living in a society where people like this are teen idols!!! If kim is not worried about her porno tape and it’s nothing to be ashamed of then i can’t wait until her little nephew gets old enough to see it, then see what she thinkS!!. She holds very little morals or common sense and if she does ever find someone again if they can ever trust a women like this and has kids will she be proud of her accomplisments “sex tape’ liar -phoney what is she famous for anway can’t act-sing too short for a model but i guess it’s easy to be on tv and fabricate your life for money and try to fool and con young adults to buy their mechandise and watch their shows!!! I hope that soon people will stop the madness and just say nooo to the kardashians before they take over the airwaves and endorse all the merchandise!!! BOYCOTT THE KARDASHIANS WHO HAVE NOOO SHAME!!!

    • anna

      I LOVE the Kardashians. Now, They aren’t stupid. They are BRILLIANT businesswomen, who have built an EMPIRE. Kardashian Kollection, Kardashian Khaos, Kardashian Kolor, Dash, 2 books, all their endorsements. Apparently, Many people like them or they wouldn’t have one of the most popular shows on television or be paid 25,000 per tweet endorsing a product. Granted, They have made mistakes, but who hasn’t? I Believe that they do try and further their riches, but who doesn’t? That, my friends, is why the Kardashians are winning at life. Noone is forcing you to read/ watch the Kardashians, so if you don’t like them just don’t keep up with them! It’s that simple. :)

    • Redskin

      If people stop paying attention to this lot of depraved mental midgets. they will fade into obscurity where they belong.

    • pausestopgo

      Yup I watched the keeping up with the kardashians reality show and I couldn’t stand it. Some of the Kardashians weren’t as mature as they are now. And, Kylie as well as Kendall behaved so worse!

    • a confused fan

      well for one, i was once a huge kardashian fan. i watched all their episodes, followed them on twitter and supported them by keeping up with them. however, after kim BIG middle life crisis, i am left confused. recent episodes of the kardashians (kenndels sweet 16 and kourtney and kim take new york) has shown me a different side to the people i once supported. kim is just confused as an 8year old kid. she doesnt really have any morals espically if she can marry a guy she hardly knew and got people to pay for such an expenisive wedding. RIDICULOUS. kournty.. she shold give scott a break in my opinion. yeah he has made mistakes but the way i see it, she acting like he has psycological problems and refers to eveyone man to have the same issue as him. im sorry babe but you have had your fair share of moments so i dont think tis right for you to be critising scott all the time. i dont have an issues with khloe, kenndel and kylie because i think they are very entertaining but KRIS!!!!!, the snake that lies within the show. im sorry but she is the the whole reason why many people hate them. she is so controlkling, it sickoning. the way she treats bruce.. man she doesnt realise how lucky she is to be married to a man like that who has stayed with her for so long. gosh be nice to the man coz im sure on numerous occasions he has thought of leaving you. we dont see alot of bruces kidz on the show which gives the impression that kris doesnt see them as a big part of the “kardashian lifestyle” but as they say family is blood. they should have more recongision. as well, if the kardashians are looking for more respect from fans, i think they should publicis more on their charity work instead of their buisness so much. it will help them out a lot, espically because a lot of people think they are self centered bitches who are tantless and get a lot of money just because they are pretty.

    • Jay

      I was just watching an old Keeping up with the Kardashians episode from right before the widely aired wedding episode and having seen it before I noticed a cut from one of the sentences said by Khole questioning the legitimacy of her marriage. My first thought was that the E cut it because they did not want to reinforce an idea that many people already have about the entire Kardashian clan.
      I used to be a huge fan and now I feel guilty even watching an episode because I don’t want to be supporting the careers of these talentless snobs.
      The fact that words were altered within the show proves how far from reality it is.

    • Annabelle

      I refuse to watch the show, or should I say shows, or buy any merchandise that has anything to do with the Kardashians. E used to be one of my favorite channels, but I can’t turn it on without seeing a show about that bunch, and I’m sick to death of them………..

    • Helene

      You guys are overseeing so much. Im not a big fan, at all. I only just watched a few eps. Theyre real people. With problems, faults and also pros. Theyre human. Give Them a break. You may call them bimbos/snbs. But they make money. You dont. Leave them alone, htey may need the media. But you guys are just hating on people you dont even know well. They are a fun family, with ups and down every now and then. Who cares if they fight? Everyone does. Stop hating, let them be. If you dont like them, dont watch the show. Simple as that. Now go do something useful.

    • anne haseltine

      Please go away!!!
      Your Family has NO talent!
      Why are they even famous?

    • Crystal

      I pretty much cant stand the Kardashians. The best way for me to put a label on them is to call them a waste of skin. The only one who even has potential is Khloe. Kim is an immature idiot who’s famous for her sex tape. Well at least she is good at something. Kort is so fridged and uptight shes going to explode. There are other people out there who deserve the spotlight not these idiots.

    • George Jefferson

      Stop watching this show America!! Stop feeding into this family of white trash with money. Poor Robert Kardashian makes all the money, gets left by his cheating wfe, and gets the big C. (Cancer). Karma is a bitch. I guess that’s what you get for making big money from getting off a murderer. I hope they read this.
      Yeah..keep watching this show so they can take it from the money you pay your cable companies and spend it on putting more high end make-up on. Do you ever see them without make-up? Yah..because you wouldn’t want to continue to watch it. My wife is hotter.
      Let’s talk about Bruce Jenner. What happened Bruce? This is what you wanted out of life after winning an Olympic gold medal and putting your face on a Wheaties Box? Now look at you…got a face like a walking corpse. Thank your gold digging wife for that. I want to throw up on my laptop. This is disgraceful. And you wonder why foreign countries hate us. Got to school, study hard, and get a real career. There is no room for shortcuts. This family is going to see what happens when America can’t stand watching anymore.

      • George Jefferson

        Now Kim is hanging out with that numb nut, Kanye West? If she wanted the black dong so bad, why didn’t she call me? Where’s my Weezy at?!

      • slappy

        well just like the other media whore and bad mother Kate gosslin, these people will not go away! It seems the world wants to know how things are for these idiots and will support them no matter what!?

    • pfhobson

      Now Kris has got the two youngest daughters out working. They both are undereducated if at all and are turning into the manipulative bitches like their older sisters and mother. Sad family. How long will it take them to get their Bentleys?

    • Alex

      I’m not going to say much, just that it has finally occurred to me that if the Kardashians have as much money as it seems they do on television, and are making such a killing on the national teenage girl’s income with all their lines and products, and if these people are in the public eye as much as we see them, would they not reason that their public wants more than:

      1.) a plastic, unrealistic artifice of a standard they have created for young girls to live up to

      2.) having the people circulating the news about them, talking about them, balance the dumb things they do with philanthropy? Altruism? If you go out and change husbands/men like you should underwear, wouldn’t you reason that your audience would forgive some of that, even if not wholly, so long as at some point in the following future you made a public appearance at Ronald McDonald charity event, or helped out with the MakeAWish foundation? They’re selfishness makes them such ugly people. Mac and Dior eyeshadows can’t hide any of that, honey!

      3.) Needless to say, if my fame and fortune originated from a SEX TAPE?!?! If a tell-all expose of my body grinding on a man that was to never mean anything to me, other than the threshold to my name in lights and headlines, set fame and fortune would cease to exist. Because no amount of money is worth my dignity. I feel sorry for Kim, who has a number, and has dragged her family down to the Dignity-for-sale Market.

    • human with common sense

      i am really happy to know that kris kardashian cheated and left her husband for a much younger man, and she got screwed by the younger man! ha ha! hilarious. now her children are so friggin unstable and have such a disgusting view of marriage and love and sex. so happy to know that their own pimp momager screwed up their life! good riddens you effing dirtbags!

    • Not A Kardash lover

      Yea for real these “lovely Ladies’ are nothing! cut and dried! They have NO skill set except for oh I’m pretty, oh I have a sex tape out , Oh I am a media whore and just everybody wants to be me!! REALLY!?

      • Sally Smith

        TheKardashians are a talentless ignorant ,trashy oversexed ,plastic enhanced,money grabbing bunch who are having a bad influence on our children,America should ban them,instead of giving them photo opportunities and making them rich .T hey treat their husbands and boyfriends like dirt and nobody is ever going to want to marry this sorry lot

    • Clarissa Kelley

      Any magazine or talk show ,or Co that sponsors The talentless ,uneducated,oversexed.moneygrabbing Kardashians should be banned from television and the media as they are encouraging this rotten and digusting. Family to have a bad and disgusting influence on our children and the people of America ??????? There is enough rubbish in this world already we do not need ,this disgraceful lot putting ideas into our children’s heads . As for KIm the pornographic queen of sex .it is amazing that she has not contacted aids yet .Dump this family now.

    • craig

      they are no talent , stupid, useless, ugly, pieces of white trash!

    • Rani

      This show is such an unbelievable show as far as what people do in their daily lives. One of the most disappointing aspects of this show proved out to be that Bruce was not that interested in the lives of his two sons and now he is letting momager Kris do the same things to their daughters. Kim has the mind of a 16 yr old, Kourtney has her head together as does Khloe,, but unfortunately I believe there will never be wedding bells for Ms. Kim (and thank God for Kanye that does not happen as I believe he’s not that stupid) and unfortunately for Khloe I think that Lamar has had it also with the great momager and will probably divorce for the same reason any man would in the case of this show growing very old on everyone (except of course Queen Kris. Just a note, if I were You Bruce I would try a little harder to make a better impact on your own children and get them into the REAL WORLD to at least make them be achievers of what they really want out of life instead of KRIS I WANT THINGS MY WAY. I truly do not believe you want your girls to be a KIM (let’s do sex tapes or nude photos to get everyone’s attention and everything she does for the paps, but then again you might not give a shit either just like Kris. One other thing, did you ever notice that the most important people in the business and who have class stay out of the public eye. Those are the ones people have respect for.