Here’s A Great Reason Not To Do Drugs

There are a lot of reasons that adults tell kids they shouldn’t use drugs: they’re bad for your body, you can overdose and die, you can get locked in an acid trip and think you’re a glass of orange juice for the rest of your life (that’s taken straight from my own high school’s anti-drug program).

But if they would just look to the more common, real-life scenarios, I think that the drug naysayers would find some fine material, like the fact that you are likely to make a complete ass out of yourself in front of your friends and classmates.

Or worse, throw your poo.

[via Buzzfeed]

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    • Chloe

      Acid never made me do anything except lie around and tell people how pretty their hair looked. Guess I’m lucky.

    • annalisa

      we must have gone to the same high school… i remember that glass of orange juice thing.

    • Nancy

      Wait, did the glass of orange juice thing actually happen to someone?

    • Laura

      Silly. Maybe instead you should be writing about all of the benefits of psychedelics in therapy–the government has started doing clinical trials with these drugs for severe depression, PTSD, etc and have had really incredible results so far. Interesting stuff.