Blake Lively’s Red Leather Coat: How Do You Feel?

Wow, I barely made it through typing that headline without choking back some vomit, because I feel fucking terrible about this Valentino Spring 2012 coat. I feel bad that it exists, I feel bad that someone bought it, I feel bad that Blake Lively wore it (to a party celebrating Christian Louboutin, in case you’re wondering), I feel bad that my eyeballs have been subjected to viewing it.

All told, this coat’s existence just ruined my morning.

[via Hollywood Life]

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    • August S.

      How could Valentino make a red leather coat so frumpy?! That’s like making a G-string out of burlap– the material is totally unsuited to the design.

    • Chickalupe

      I actually like the cut and pattern of it, because the sort-of A-line bust with high collar and the ruffles reminds me of a bygone era; but I agree that it is not suited to the material. Perhaps if it were made out of something else, it would work much better. And, of course, if it weren’t such an eye-killing shade of red. When I think red coat, I think of a scarlet “Carmen Sandiego”-type color.

    • Patricia

      that is just wrong.