Courtney Stodden Went ‘Without Makeup’ Yesterday

As we’ve previously noted, someone in Courtney Stodden’s camp has realized that pictures of the 17-year-old nymphet without makeup, or before her alleged plastic surgery, send the internet into a tizzy.

To feed our insatiable appetite, they’ve released another one, ostensibly of Stodden with a fresh face as she went to get coffee yesterday.

And this is a fresh face, indeed — a face freshly full of makeup!


Anyway, it’s fairly obvious that Court-Court is wearing about three inches of foundation, but to her credit, absent indeed is the usual additional poundage of eyeliner and lipliner/stick/gloss. And in fact, without all that goop on her mouth, I daresay that her lips no longer look full of collagen. [tagbox tag="Courtney Stodden"]

And that makes me think – the more we learn about this girl, the more I’m getting behind our sister site Crushable’s theory that the big mystery behind The Stodden is that she is, in fact, a 35-year-old performance artist, who has never had plastic surgery but rather is in command of a troop of professional makeup artists, and that this whole odyssey through Stodden-land has been one big trompe l’oeil intended to make bloggers such as myself feel foolish for ever paying her any mind.

In the past, I’ve wondered what happened to Courtney Stodden to make her the way she is. Now, I’m thinking that perhaps the question I should be asking is, WHY DO YOU HATE BLOGGERS, COURTNEY STODDEN?

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    • Christa

      Her eyes look so much smaller…I can’t reconcile this as the same person we have been seeing…I really need a side by side comparison, preferably in the same pose! Are we sure they haven’t photoshopped new eyes in?!

    • ELLE

      Girl…get a box of Baking Soda and EXFOLIATE!!!exfoliate exfoliate!

    • Casey

      The clear straps are making another timely appearance.

      • Dirtgurly

        HAHA!! She wears that damn bra with EVERYTHING, trying to push her boobs up!

    • sarah

      Ms. Stodden is clearly just a faithful follower of JennaMarbles:

      I have suspected as much.

    • Kayla

      Is that a bruise across her chest? Maybe it’s from her tops being too tight.

      • Ninargh

        What IS that weird bruising/blotchiness across her upper chest?

        Also, if those are real then I’ll eat my bloody hat!

      • Katrina

        My mother spends an absurd amount of time tending to a garden that rivals any at Versailles and will not let any one else touch it. One summer I noticed similar marks across her shoulders and arms. Being a good daughter I pestered her until she saw my dermatologist about it. The good doctor said it was from repeated over exposure to the sun – even though her Italian skin doesn’t burn easily, it still sustains the same damage.
        60 years of never wearing sunscreen did that to my mom – wtf could do it in 17 years to her? …Maybe this is the proof that she really is 35?

      • Meghan Keane

        I think those marks are from poorly applied layers of self-tanner. Though maybe she’s just using straight up leather dye, because that could create the same effect.

      • Dirtgurly

        She’s obviously trying to use the “shadowing trick” by applying bronzer or makeup across the top and cleavage of her boobs to make them appear fuller

    • Monica

      OH my god, who cares?!?! You guys are OBSESSED with this girl and it’s so old, I’m sick of hearing about her so much. Let it go! No one cares.

    • Joanna

      I agree with Monica like seriously who cares there are real crises going on in the world and all people care about is some random bitch’s make-up!! What’s wrong with the world..

      • Stella

        Maybe you haven’t noticed, but this site isn’t devoted to covering the “real crises” in the world. Perhaps you should head over to the New York Times website or

        You know what I do when I’m not interested in the subject of a post? I DON’T READ IT.

    • laura

      She is soooo much prettier without makeup than with makeup!

      • K

        Well to me it looks like she is wearing foundation and concealer. You can kind of see it in the hairline but I get what you mean – this is an improvement.

    • weavermomo

      She is ugly with or without makeup. Too much sun is aging and probably booze & drugs too I’m sure.

    • cruiser cruise

      She’s wearing a bunch of makeup designed to look like she is not wearing makeup–whoever this person is.

    • Dawn

      The bruising look on her chest is where she applies makeup to the tops of her breasts for a larger look, like in a curve shape. Transvestites do this, it gives the appearance of a fuller breast. I saw tons of pics on other sites, it really stands out in multiple pics.

    • Gerry

      Most normal men would find her fit and attractive with or without makeup. Anyone that disagrees must be gay or a jealous feminist, period!

      • James

        I’m a hot blooded straight male and I don’t find her attractive at all. You know, men have completely different types in women. And anyone who disagrees is either dumb as a box of rocks, an immature jackass or is a prepubescent boy who hasn’t had the ability to form a legitimate opinion on the matter yet.

    • Linda

      I think she looks really pretty without all the make-up. So she has some foundation on, big deal? There is a pretty girl under all the make-up she usually wears!

    • Ninargh

      I agree wholeheartedly, she is really pretty. Or at least she would be, if she stopped pulling that fucking ridiculous trout face.

    • m.eliz

      She is absolutely wearing makeup-a ton of it! It’s fine to wear makeup, just so annoying that she’s claiming to be make-up free in this picture. Do you know how long it takes to make yourself LOOK make-up free? Trust me; it takes twice as long as it does to put on the make-up everyone is used to seeing you in! She is wearing base,(foundation) blush, cheekbone highlighter, lip liner, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, and eye liner. It looks great; don’t get me wrong; I just have issues with the fact that she is making false claims-that she is “make-up free” in this picture. This is a lame attempt by her publicist to show the world she is just a “regular girl”; that she’s down -to-earth, etc. the whole thing is completely staged-the angle at which she is walking, (to show her at her best) holding her coffee cup (to show her manicure) as well as her carefree glance at the camera, as if to say, “Oh, I didn’t see you there! Where’d you come from?” So annoying, the whole thing!!

    • Mary roach

      Who cares if it looks like a fish probaly smells like one too nasty. I have two young nieces if they ever looked or behave that way I disinherit them. Parents are real proud I’m sure

    • Joy

      I’m mad at myself for clicking.

      • Dirtgurly


    • Medusa

      Now I agree she is NOT 17. The skin tones on her arms looks too loose, and her palms are too wrinkled.

      • Medusa

        I mean “tone”, singular, although the plural works as well, what with that airbrushed shading on her boobs, and with her face a completely different color than the rest of her.

    • megan

      she is absolutely wearing makeup a 1/2 ton of it instead of 3 tons – you people are blind :(

    • Lauren

      She reminds me of Kasey Kahl from the Bachelorette. Not a good thing.

    • Goldfish

      She is not pretty at all. Her eyes are so simple. She does look better with makeup but in moderation

    • Kat

      She’s totally wearing makeup- just natural makeup for once. I think she looks fine, she looks her age. But that hair is dead. Put it out to the slaughter.