How Do You Keep Tan In The Middle Of Winter?

We know you’re out there, because literally everyone looks infinitely more tan than us. We’re kind of hoping that as we head into winter we could be a little less “Wednesday Addams meets Powder” and a little more “something that is not that.”

And we’re willing to try just about anything you recommend. Do you use at home spray tan? Does it make you look like an oompa loompa? Are you in denial about looking like an oompa loompa? Is that a difficult state to get to?

Do you go to a salon for a spray tan? Are there any that do not charge almost $100 for that service? If not, are there ones where that service lasts more than 4 days?

Do you use a tanning bed? Are you afraid of dying? How afraid? Are you golden? Is the potential dying worth it?

Give us some input, non-albinos of the world.


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    • Nikita

      My mother is Bengali…so try being of an ethnicity that is tan all year ’round?

      • Sam

        I’m half Peruvian/Chilean and somehow still albino-lookin’. Unfortunately this technique only works some of the time =(

    • Cass

      St. Tropez Tanning Mousse. As a fellow albino, I’ve tried quite a few self-tanning things and this one is the best I’ve encountered. In summer it can give you a great tan to build upon, in winter it gives a nice golden glow — not orange at all. And it doesn’t smell as bad as other self-tanners out there. It’s kind of pricey, but one bottle will last up to 3 months if you use it sparingly (which is totally do-able since a little goes a long way). Try it! Its great.

      • Cass

        Oh, and to that comment below mine: my mother is Ecuadorian and tan year round but unfortunately gene didn’t pass onto me. So yeah…I’d say that route doesn’t work for most people.

    • Nikita

      On a more helpful note, I heard that the Jergen’s gradual tan thing for both face and body are great. But the one for fair/light skin tones comes off orangey so use the one for medium/tan skin. It’s more subtle and less orange.

      • Maggie

        I was about to say the same thing! I haven’t used the fair/light skin one, but I’ve used medium-tan before and have had great, non-orange, non-cancerous results. And that’s coming from someone who’s skin turns orange from using the wrong foundation (damn you, Clinique)!

    • Roxana Rusowsky

      There was a girl in mi high school that was always tanned. Myth was that she took beta carotene pills. She looked really orange, but guys loved her. so I guess it worked?

      • Ali

        But was she liked because she was orange/tan or because she was beautiful and confident despite the orange/tan ?

    • ScB

      I use the moisturizer that has a slight tint to it.
      It doesn’t create insta-tan or make you look like you are orange or recently returned from Mexico. But it does subtly make you look less pasty. I use it in place of my regular body moisturizer. Especially on my legs.
      Most basic brands have it, in different degrees / strengths. If you’re extra white, start with the weakest one, and then build up if you’re not getting the results you want.

    • Ella Jane Goeppinger

      embrace the pale.

      • MM

        Agreed! I love my pallour. It makes my fake red hair look totally realistic. (:

    • Sam

      My hair is blue so I look really whack when my skin is tan. But I live with a couple girls that love being tan so they do the Groupon thing and get spray tans pretty frequently. It looks orange for like a day or so but it gets better after that.

      Then again, I do live in southern California so lots of others of my friends still just sit out at their pools on warmer days.

    • Jamie Peck

      I do not get people’s obsession with being tan. Embrace your milky white skin, J-dawg! It looks nice on you.

    • Stella

      I go skiing on sunny days.

      The snow reflects the sun, and if you’re wearing a t-shirt, or better yet, a bikini, you can get quite the sun burn. Actually, sunscreen recommended!

      There’s two tricks though:
      1) Ignore the (awesome) goggle tan line
      2) Don’t fall

      Also, this doesn’t work BEFORE the first snowfall. So you have to live with pale till about December.

    • Allison

      Jergen’s works nicely for a little glow, and it’s wallet friendly.

    • Eileen

      I’m with Jamie and the others who say that pale is pretty, too! Everyone is paler in the winter. And I’ve always thought that people look weird when they mess with their natural coloring.

    • Zakiyyah

      I’m a big proponent of Hydroxatone SunSoak Self- Tanner. It had a realistic looking tint that looks natural in any season.

    • amber dawn

      I’m a proponent of the Don’t Tan as well. I’m with Eileen that people tend to look best when they leave their skin the color it naturally wants to be. I happen to be a whiter than white freckled redhead, and I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want redheads to tan.

    • Victoria

      Genetics, I’m sorry to say. Sorry that doesn’t help much. But it’s the healthiest way I suppose, haha. I get tan by stepping into the sunlight. No chemicals or sunbathing for me.

    • Jinx

      I’m South Asian so I’m naturally tan, but I think you should embrace the pale! It’s funny, in my country we have products to make you paler, as lighter skinned people are considered more attractive.

    • Elizabeth Lela

      Hempz Touch of Summer Daily Moisturizer. Its amazing. Its cheap and works well. The only issue I’ve had is bad application. Aside form that, totally epic.