Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Hurley In Epic Headpiece Showdown

A picture says 1000 words. We always thought that expression was kind of bullshit. However, this picture demonstrates a valuable lesson: no matter how wealthy, thin, or conventionally attractive you are–even if you’re draped in thousands of dollars worth of designer clothes and accessories–you can still look fucking ridiculous. Here’s another shot of Sarah Jessica Parker and Elizabeth Hurley at Flemington Racecourse for Crown Oaks Day in Melbourne, Australia/this hallucination you’re having. It’s worth noting that Parker is currently on some kind of surreal headgear Australian tour.

(Photos via Getty)


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    • Sarah

      You mean Elizabeth Hurley, I think.

      • Karen

        Yes, HURLEY. :|

    • Kelly

      I kinda think SJP’s is awesome

      • sarita

        agreed. Hurley’s is too much, but SJP’s is so adorable and actually fairly understated (‘specially for her).

      • Daniela

        True, but the awesomeness of the headpiece is overshadowed by the absolute ridiculousness of her hairstyle.

    • Lisa

      I think that they’re both beautiful head things!

    • ELLE

      They look spectacular!

      Whoever wrote that ‘piece’ needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and then feel shame.

      • Kelly

        Did you hear that, Ashley? SHAME!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        It’s pretty devastating, Kelly.

    • fashionner

      To be honest ,I like it

    • Ally

      It’s Spring Racing Carnival, though. They’re actually required BY DRESS CODE (in the classy areas, at least, and by common decency in general admission areas) that they must wear some kind of headware.

      It would be an ACTUAL SCANDAL if they had rocked up with no hair piece. Honestly, I think no one told SJP, and at last minute, she was like, “Shit, what do I do? Okay. Big hair. Necklace. Bam.”

      Liz’s is actually quite conservative in terms of fascinators. I also went to Oaks, and like the pleb I am, took the incredibly packed train. I almost had my eyes poked out by feathers and flowers and other physics-defying ornaments no less than five times – well, no, that’s a lie; my fascinator has a veil ^_^

      We Australians take horce racing verrrrry seriously (for one week out of every fifty-two). We get a freaking PUBLIC HOLIDAY so we can watch some horses run around. Think about that before you don’t understand our choice in headgear.

    • Leslie

      SJP: “uh Liz, looks like you got a bee in there, you might wanna, yeah…”

    • Niamh

      Judging from the smug smirk on Liz’s face in the bottom photo, she won the headgear battle.
      The war will continue though, I feel.