Terry Richardson Took A Topless Photo Of His Mom

Terry Richardson is really controversial. Really, really controversial. Like the world’s most controversial. Anyway, Richardson has a new book out with Morel called “Mom” and if you were expecting some conventional family portraits, you’ve made a grave mistake. However, if you expected some harshly-lit portraits featuring breasts, cigarettes and the total absence of ideas, then… you win a prize. That prize is me telling you not to click through. Unless you want to see Terry’s mom topless.

If you want to see all of Terry’s mom art, Vice has it. We’ve only included those images we felt were the most artistic.

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    • Kj

      GAH! Oh well, that’s what I get for not reading the post before I clicked through.

      At any rate… this certainly explains a lot about Uncle Terry. *shudder*

    • lucygoosey74

      Oh dear, the apple dosen’t fall far from the tree, no?