Kristen Stewart Wore Checkered Slip-On Vans To Her Footprint Ceremony

Polarizing Twilightstar Kristen Stewart is known for two things besides playing Bella Swan: saying the occasional ill-conceived angsty thing to the press and looking uncomfortable on red carpets. That second thing is starting to change, especially as Stewart’s magazine appearances become increasingly sultry.

Anyway, Stewart showed up to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre yesterday along with castmates Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to be “immortalized” with a hand and footprint ceremony. She looked a lot more comfortable than usual and we’re guessing that’s because, when the time came to actually step in cement, Stewart slipped off her towering Brian Atwood pumps and replaced them with something a little more her speed: classic checkered Vans.

We actually kind of like the way they look with her Marios Schwab mini:

Tell us your thoughts.

(Photos via Getty)

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    • Grace

      As someone who wears those shoes a lot, I can say that they look good with a lot more clothes than you would expect them to.

    • Katrina

      The gentleman who founded Vans passed away yesterday so I wonder if there was some sort of unspoken tribute there or just a coincidence. I think they’re cute either way

    • Matt

      Kristen Stewart is also known for being a fiercely talented actress, for being extremely fan-friendly, for being herself – not some put-on personality from media training and for inspiring a legion of young women to do the same.

      • carrie


    • katie

      why can’t she just stand like a lady? i get it that her feet are in cement at that moment, but she just looks so…unladylike is the only word i can think of.

      • Cassie

        She can’t stand like a lady because, like you said, her feet are in the cement at the moment. You pretty much answered your own question.