Poll: Do You Find Lindsay Lohan’s Outfit Tasteful?

This is what Lindsay Lohan wore after her recent Playboy shoot. The Daily Mail claims it was tasteful and  that “the 25-year-old donned a baggy black cardigan over a beige skirt with just a hint of cleavage showing...it is unlike her usual skimpy attire, including her sexy maid and nurse Halloween outfits over the weekend.”

I think she looks like an old-timey prostitute!

I’m not saying I dislike that, I’m just saying that I think the look she channeled here was less “tasteful” and more “good time girl with a heart of gold in Butterfield 8, basically.” Which is fine! I think Hugh Hefner probably loved that look! But just wearing a black cardigan really doesn’t move the look into buttoned up territory, especially when all your cleavage is showing. I thought! I could be wrong. Please vote.

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    • jen

      I’m more concerned that she doesn’t look like herself at all!

    • jamie

      She looks like the trash she is

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      Though your assessment of Butterfield 8-ishness is correct, I’m a bit more alarmed that she looks eerily like Rose McGowan.

    • Maris

      I am concerned about how uncomfortable it must feel to not wear a bra under a chunky sweater.

    • Stephanie

      What is going on with her lips?! How do they keep getting worse looking?! Oh, my poor little LiLo.

    • Kj

      Why isn’t there an option for “hideous”?

    • Eve

      Ugh, doesn’t she understand that ” less is more?” add some nice textured tights, a pussy-bow blouse and put her hair up and she could look all dirty secretary, rather than dirty dirt eater.

    • Sam

      I agree with Jen; I’m more concerned that she doesn’t look like herself, eep!

      I mean, if somebody less…irresponsible wore this and didn’t look so fucking entitled while doing so, I probably would really like the outfit in a weird, slouchy sorta way.

    • Rebecca

      I read somewhere that professional nude models and porn stars have to remember to wear loose fitting clothing that won’t leave marks on the skin to shoots. Maybe that’s where the horrible sweater comes in?

    • Patricia

      I think she was going for classy but it came out so terribly wrong.

    • I Mean What

      Lindsay is an In & Out Burger – she has popped into and out of jail more often than I have actually had In & Out Burgers… and I lived in LA! http://bit.ly/vS30Dv

    • amber dawn

      She just looks like she forgot to put a shirt on.