Poll Would You Wear A 99 Cent Bra?

When it comes to clothing, we all have our splurge items. Perhaps for you, it’s a $200 pair of jeans, or a $500 handbag, or a $900 pair of shoes.

As far as bras go, I’m not trying to spend $2 million or anything, but I do feel like the item that’s responsible for my breasts should be well-made, and offer the utmost in comfort and support. I’m trying to keep these suckers high for as long as possible, and I need a garment that shares that vision.

So for me, purchasing a 99 cent bra — an item that’s being widely reported as available in the British equivalent of the 99 cent store — is really a non-option. Maybe it would have been when I had just recently grown breasts and bras were simply ornamental, but now, no dice.

What about you?

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    • Maggie

      Eh, I’m 32A, so I might give it a whirl, but at the same time, I’m 32A. I appreciate a quality push-up.

    • Lisa

      Hell to the no! Granted, I’m also really well endowed. I will splurge on a well-made, well-fit bra so I do not have to go through that torture any more than is necessary.

    • Elizabeth

      Since I wear a 30E (and sometimes a 28F!), I doubt I would even find a bra in my size in such a store, so I don’t think this would be an option. I spend decent money for my bras, but I still think that almost anyone can find an extremely high-quality, well-made, supportive bra for $80 or less.

    • amber dawn

      I wouldn’t write it off out of hand, but I’d definitely have to try it on first. I wear a 36 DD/DDD (depending on the brand/cut of bra) so it would have to be a pretty phenomenal 99c bra. I’m not usually a super-brand loyal person, but for bras I pretty much only wear Chantelle, Felina and Bali because they’re the only ones that I’ve found that fit my body right, are comfy, and don’t look like some archaic torture device.

    • dani

      It is the size that makes the difference… I can tell you I was a bra fitter and sold $100-$250 bras to women and wore a $10 (no joke!) one myself. You need a lot more structure to hold up a 36F compared to a 32A. That being said, I can imagine the problem with a 99c bra would be the itchiness factor :S

    • Eileen

      I kind of agree with Amber (although I’m only a C myself) – I’d try it on before making any judgments. Price doesn’t always equal quality!

    • M

      I seem to fall into the majority opinion: I’d have to know how it fits. 38C/D here, so the support is an issue. But I would definitely be willing to pay a dollar to buy one to try out and find out if it’s worth buying more dollar bras.