The Editors Discuss: Anonymous & The Problem With Shakespeare’s Identity

Do you guys know about Shakespeare? The Bard? Well, what you may not know is that he was a glovemaker’s son and therefore too stupid/poor to write the complete works supposedly attributed to him. You know who wasn’t too poor? The Earl of Oxford. He had enough eyeliner to write all the plays! Anyway, the people behind the movie Anonymous knew that what the American viewing public wanted was two solid ill-conceived hours of outrageous conjecture about Shakespeare’s real identity and they fucking gave it to us. Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff saw it so you don’t have to.

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    • Nancy

      Thank you! My boyfriend thought I was being ridiculous when I saw the trailer for this movie and told him how I was suprised at how much it offended me for them to even suggest someone else wrote Shakespeare’s play. Intellectually I know it shouldn’t because it’s just a dumb movie, but after reading this I have no intention of ever watching it and now I can happily push it out of my mind.
      p.s. I love Midsummer’s Night Dream!

    • Sam

      Stephen Marche wrote a great article on this at NY Times. ( Although know tangible evidence has been produced to demonstrate Shakespeare DIDNT author his plays, some just choose the conspiracy theory…

      • Corrado Panzieri

        Tray to visit . They are searchings finding proofs for demonstrate that Micael Angel Florio helped his friend Shakespeare for write the works. But he helped him very much indeed.

    • thestripedelephant

      This was a great (and hilarious) discussion to read! I still have not seen the movie, but have been wanting to since one of my majors in college was English, and the authenticity of Shakespeare’s plays was a topic commonly discussed. Personally, I am a big Shakespeare fan.

      • Corrado Panzieri

        Have you ever heard something about Micael Angelo Florio ?

    • len132

      This was hilarious. Have y’all read “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper Fforde? You might like it. It’s full of Shakespeare conspiracy nuts.

      • Elizabeth

        YES! I love that book. So many inside jokes for nerdy English Majors.

    • corrado panzieri

      Do not offend. Much better wait for the publication of the Micael Angel Florio, who was a good Willy friend. The Florio biography will ready next year on site
      Emmerich bet on a wrong horse ( de Vere, the Earl of Oxford). The Supreme Court of U.S.A. did not still pronounced about him, but it is going to examine the Florio candidature.
      James S. Shapiro (Columbia University) and Jonathan Bate are both favourable for Florio.