Crazy Things Liz Jones Has Said

When we stumbled across the post about Liz Jones stealing his boyfriend’s sperm we thought “what a crazy lady.” But then we jumped into rationalization mode about how maybe she was going through a really depressed period, and hey, really, the pressure on women have children while they can IS significant and… no. Turns out she’s just crazy as loon. I’m pretty sure she’s some massive conspiracy to make men think women are the worst. Here is proof.

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    • E.D.

      Wow, what a nutjob.

    • August S.

      I read though the linked article you pulled the “Anorexia is Awesome” quote from, and she also says things like

      “Being this way made me not just socially awkward, but unlovable: I’ve always hated being touched, hugged, naked, half-dressed on holiday, in case I’m found wanting, in case someone felt or saw an extra ounce of flesh. Being this thin meant I never got pregnant; I have menstruated perhaps half-a-dozen times in my life.”
      “I look at Nigella Lawson, with her lovely packed life and overflowing fridge, and think how much happier she is than me, how much more fulfilled. How much sexier, definitely – which is, I suppose, why I stopped eating in the first place. Shy and terrified of boys, I could remain forever pre-adolescent.
      For me, being super-thin has never been about being attractive to men. It’s about being invisible.”

      “Oh, and by the way, at the start of this odyssey I weigh 8st 2lb, which is slight for my 5ft 8in frame. What a silly, empty half-century achievement that is.

      She’s self-loathing and damaged, without a doubt, but at least from that article it seems like she’s honest about the toll her disordered eating has taken on her health and relationships. She’s definitely not taking a pro-anorexia stance.

      I haven’t read the other quoted pieces, and some of the quotes (like the one about the homeless) are so out-of-bounds that I can’t imagine the context that would redeem them, but in this one case I think you chose a quote that didn’t accurately reflect the whole article because it’s controversial out of context.

      I hope this isn’t just an attempt to replicate the page-views from the XOJane feud. :/

      • Alison

        Nope the homeless article is just as misquoted as the others. It is called “I’ve never liked the homeless – they’re smelly and scary. So would a Christmas shift at a shelter change my mind?” and though it starts with those opinions it is basically a list of the people she met and why we SHOULD be sympathetic and not judgmental.

        Jennifer Wright should be ashamed of this post- make fun of people who actually believe crazy stuff not people who use sensational language to capture people’s interest. Liz Jones is trying to capture an audience that would not read “Why we should give money to homeless charities” or “Why anorexia is bad”. She is not preaching to the converted, she is trying to reach out to people who don’t understand the importance of these issues- people who actually feel the way you have represented her. Not cool at all!

      • Jennifer Wright

        I have no doubt she’s being honest, but I don’t think any of her behavior is the result of good sense.

      • August S.

        And “Less Than Sensible Things Liz Jones Has Said” is definitely a less catchy title.

        So Jones is guilty of sensationalist language, then has those words used against her by an article which itself employs sensationalist language.

        That’s … actually fair in a weird way. But I don’t think it’s good writing.

      • Cassie

        i’m with you- I went and read the article about her experiment of eating normally after years of anorexia, and I was pleased to find that she meant it as a very honest account and a cautionary tale.

      • mcaplanov

        who really cares about the context of this one quote when she’s a trainwreck in general? delusional, certainly and more often than not cruel & crazy.

    • Amy

      Jesus, she’s bizarre. I’ve skimmed one or two of her horrendous ‘fashion’ pieces before and thought she was bonkers but her opinions are seriously messed up.

    • Fatima

      This may sound odd but I appreciate her honesty. Very few people can be this candid. At the same time I feel very bad for her. As another poster mentioned she seems to self loathe a lot. Poor thing.

    • Laura

      But…I love sex. I usually am more sexual then the men I’ve dated. Does this negate the fact that I have a vagina?

    • Lo

      I can skip over both sensationalism and the crazies, but not when they claims to be speaking on my clitoris-having behalf. Anybody stupid enough to use offensive words so poorly deserves the criticism.

      • Lo

        * ‘Claim’. Ha!

    • MM

      But women don’t have sperm, Liz Jones! Why do I still want to sleep with them?

    • Tifanny

      sounds crazy but cool! :)))

    • Ninargh

      It’s women like this that make men think we’re all fucking insane. SIGH.

    • Brie

      She is either everything that is wrong with the world or is in cahoots with Courtney Stodden. Maybe in some kind of strange performance art guild meant to sully the image of women everywhere.

    • Olivia

      Should have save yourself some time and just made the slide show “normal things Liz Jones has said”

    • Lulu

      Hmmmm… how many anorexics are a size 8?????

    • EKS

      frankly, because there is so much there that I could respond to and it would become an essay that simply does not need to be written, I’ll reply only to the size issue. she needs to get a grip. a size 8 is not super-thin unless you are 6’5″. slim, yes; super-thin, no.

      • August S.

        UK 8 is between a size 4 and 6 US, smaller is the designer is on the higher-end (in the same way an Old Navy size 4 will be several inches off a Gucci size 4).

        And eating disorders come in all sizes.

    • August S.

      Reasonable/Insightful Things Liz Jones Has Said!

      (note: these quotes were taken from the exact same articles as the “crazy” quotes)

      Our Society is Age-Biased, Especially Against Women
      “Why do women lie about their age? Just look at the captions accompanying the photographs of Madonna and Sharon Stone at the Cannes Film Festival last week.How about rich, happy, successful, beautiful? No.
      The captions inevitably read: ‘Combined age: 99.’ No such captioning, of course, accompanied pictures of Harrison Ford or Clint Eastwood.

      Ridiculing a woman about her age is the last acceptable bastion of discrimination.”
      -Liz Jones
      (Original quote cation: “You’ll Be Relieved When Your Mother In Law Gets Dementia”)

      Parents Shouldn’t Overly Pressure Children!
      “What’s the point of trying to preserve a child at the age of about six, the only age ambitious parents want their kids to be – able to wash themselves and empty the dishwasher, but not old enough to defy the adults whose super-busy lives they will never want to emulate.”
      -Liz Jones
      (Origin quote caption: “Wipe Every Light Switch!”)

      Anorexia has Taken a Terrible Toll on my Life!
      “It’s too late for me, but if now the sun is shining and you are thinking of all the ways you can ‘Get that Bikini Body’, entering the endless cycle of guilt and recrimination, then DON’T.
      Because you never know if you will be able to stop.”
      -Liz Jones
      (Original quote caption “Anorexia is Awesome!”)

      I’ve Had Misconceptions and Prejudices about the Homeless Which Were Challenged When I Worked at a Shelter!
      I feel as though I’ve been tipped back into Victorian England. ‘How can this still be happening?’ I ask Kit. He replies: ‘We are all just five steps away from being on the street. It can happen through a relationship breaking up, abuse, mental illness or just through sheer bad luck.’
      And then I meet David. He is tall, dressed in the usual student uniform of jeans and hoodie, with long dark hair and startling blue eyes. We sit on a bed together. I ask him where he lives. He starts to describe a square in Bristol. Well, that sounds quite nice, I tell him. Is it a flat or a bedsit? ‘No, in the square,’ he says, as if I have learning difficulties, ‘on a park bench.’
      -Liz Jones
      (Original quote caption: “The Homeless Are All Assholes”)

      Emotional Affairs are More Hurtful than Simple Extra-Martial sex
      I believe that sex with a prostitute doesn’t really, in the greater scheme of things, matter one jot.
      Yes, of course it’s seedy, it’s exploitative, demeaning and risky healthwise, but as far as damage to a relationship goes, I believe an affair is so much worse than your husband sleeping with a prostitute.
      An affair means he loves someone else more than he loves you. An affair means a man is intimate with another woman — and by this I don’t mean sex. They read together in bed, they share poetry, they giggle and they talk. They share memories. I speak from bitter experience. What freaked me out was not my own husband’s random philandering, but his emotional affair with a woman. ”
      -Liz Jones
      (Original quote caption: “women hate sex”)

      My Marriage Was Awful
      “I don’t even think he [my husband] fancies me that much. The other night, making ‘love’ (again, I use the term lightly), I had to ask him, ‘Are you aware that I am even here?
      -Liz Jones
      (This is exactly the same quote as the original….expect I’m going to tell you that a) this was NOT pulled from an article she wrote, instead from an article written about her and b) this quote was included in the article to illustrate the “warts and all” way she wrote about their marriage and subsequent divorce.)

      In conclusion: I’m not sticking up for her because I agree with her, I’m sticking up for her because, as a writer, I’d be pissed off if a bunch of people were calling me “crazy”, and “nutjob” and “everything that’s wrong with this world’ based on misleading quotes pulled out of context.

      I encourage everyone who viewed the slideshow to read the full articles linked, and make up your own mind.

      • Greg

        Even in the context of the full article she says some messed up stuff. The title may have been “Emotional Affairs are More Hurtful than Simple Extra-Martial sex”, but she still makes a generalization that ALL women hate sex within that same piece. Same thing for the age article. She may be pissed that age is used to insult women, but she lied about her age, multiple times, and then made light of her mother getting dementia so that she couldn’t give her age away. That’s pretty messed up. People aren’t calling her crazy b/c of misquotes. They’re calling her crazy b/c within an otherwise rational piece of writing, she says some crazy things.

      • August S.

        I don’t like the way she generalizes either. In my eyes, she’s got some HUGE issues around sex and projects them onto other women to justify her own neurosis. Yes, thinking that all women don’t like sex is crazy, and so is stealing a guy’s sperm—obviously. It would be hard to argue with that and I’m not trying to.

        At the same time, I don’t think there’s a way to read the articles on either anorexia or homelessness and come away with anything other than the opposite of what was implied by the original quote Jennifer pulled. Those to me ARE misquotes, because they use decontextualization to twist the meaning of the articles 180 degrees. And for the last quote in the slideshow, I don’t understand how describing (after their divorce) an emotional and physical disconnect from her then-husband is “crazy.” That just seems like a personal experience which showed the problems in her marriage.

        Clearly Liz Jones has plenty of controversial, even “crazy” opinions. There wasn’t a need to create false ones for her, unless a 3 slide slideshow was just too short.

    • Shaun

      I have not got a clue as to who Liz Jones is but, judging from the comments, her quotes in this slideshow – at least, most of them -have been taken seriously out of context, to the point that the selective quotations deliberately contradict the actual meaning of the full articles. That is shoddy and misleading journalism.

    • mcaplanov

      ahhaha liz jones is a f****ing joke

    • mcaplanov

      she also has the biggest stick up her ass i’ve EVER seen. she sucks so bad it’s not even funny

    • mcaplanov

      yeah also if she’s truly anorexic, she’s doing a really bad job of it