SNL Brilliantly Skewers Kim Kardashian’s Sham Marriage

If you’re on a lunch break and have a set of headphones, now’s the time: Saturday Night Live ripped the Kardashians a collective new asshole with the following sketch, dubbed “Kim Kardashian’s Fairy Tale Divorce.” Highlights include Kim’s absolutely brutal soulless whine, Kristen Wiig‘s pitch perfect impression of Kris Jenner‘s desperation and more than a few jabs at Bruce Jenner‘s eerily motionless visage. Please watch it now, there’s an anus bleaching joke:

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    • Emma

      Yawn. There you go talking about them again.

    • Rachel

      Omg. I love the Kardashians in SNL form- and I fell asleep during SNL last weekend. Thank you for turning my Tuesday around!