Did Lady Gaga Wear A Fry Pan On Her Head At The MTV EMA Awards?

We’ve seen a number of photos from last night’s MTV EMA Awards, and per usual, one performer’s attire stands out: David Hasselhoff!

Just kidding. It’s Lady Gaga. The melodramatic singer wore what looked from some angles like a satellite dish, and from others like a frying pan, on her head. She matched it to a few different outfits, one red, and two silver. The hat completely masks her face, which we have to assume is a commentary on the dual, public vs. private lives of the people who have single-handedly brought hats back this year: British royalty.

Very profound, Gaga. Very profound indeed.

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    • Erin

      It covered her entire face? But however will people be able to tell that the singer in the gigantic, crazy satellite dress is Lady Gaga? I mean, for all we know it could be Adelle, Sarah Bareilles, or Adam Levine under there. HOW WOULD WE KNOW?