Natalie Portman Is A Damn Hippie

Honestly, I like Natalie Portman. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, she espouses the benefits of a college education, and she wasn’t afraid to shave her head that one time.

But I’m not a fan of this hippie shit. Here, she’s seen visiting the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in California with her baby and her baby daddy, wearing some sort of a see-through, homemade looking number. Sure, it looks comfortable — but at what cost?

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    • Anna

      Like Natalie Portman, huh?

      So being a Zionist and supporting Polanski didn’t deter you? Oh, and she starred in Thor- that movie sucked.

      • SP

        I generally like her (haven’t read the link you posted yet), since she does like education and was all “Oh, girls shouldn’t be pressured into having sex when they’re young,” but oh, god, was Thor ever awful. Actually, I oscillate between liking and hating her based solely on her movies, because she can’t choose whether she wants to suck or be awesome. She gets me all excited with Black Swan and then totally turns me off with Thor. So lame.

    • Ms. Pants

      And that skirt is probably some $400 atrocity by some “exclusive” designer.

    • Lisa

      1. This is why slips are a good idea
      2. Thor was great! Sometimes a girl needs a summer blockbuster with 3-D mythical action…

    • Jo

      Awww… come on, you guys. We’ve all worn horrible outfits on the weekend. I feel sad that Natalie is not allowed to have fashion downtime like the rest of us.

    • Arkies

      @Jo – seriously? I have never in my life worn something as ugly as what Natalie is think that up to now my whole salary is not as much as she earns, still I have a good sense what is nice and what is ugly!

    • mwebi

      but..Huntington Library? Beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous place. And she’s a new mom; leave her alone, people. She just wanted to throw something on and enjoy a relaxing day strolling through their gardens. They have giant cacti! and a mist garden! and bonsai!

    • Michele

      DAMN Hippie? WTH…That’s insulting to a whole generation of people that helped shape the women’s movement that gives her the RIGHT to wear anything she pleases without some ass telling her she’s wrong. Get over yourself!