Poll: Who Was The Worst Dressed At This Year’s MTV EMAs?


As Ashley explained earlier today, the MTV EMAs were a veritable parade of pretty people in ugly, ugly clothes. But whose outfit was the ugliest? There are so many to pick from that it was difficult to narrow it down, but I’ve come up with seven strong contenders. Click through to see them all, then come back here to vote on which celebrity deserves to be banned from ever picking out his or her own clothes again.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • SP

      I actually like Selena’s outfit. I know Victorian + Ballerina seems like a ridiculous mashup, but I dig the lace and the tulle.

      Everything else is hideous, though.

      • Cassie


    • MM

      I actually think Katy Perry looks super cute and usually does, even though I resent her for exposing the world to such appallingly bad music.

    • Stella

      To my eyes, the Jenifer Metcalfe shiny-pants get-up is the worst. However, the bearded-lady purse is so weird it’s kinda cool.