Stay Warm In Style With These 20 Great Winter Jackets

All right, everyone: it’s really cold. Office talk has turned from sunscreen and soothing mosquito bites to warding off dry skin and scarf-tying techniques (we’re not saving the world here). Anyway, all of us seem to be in the market for a cool, stylish and–most important!–warm winter coat. Here’s 20.

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    • Rebecca

      Those jackets are cute. They are fun and stylish. They are not amazing. “Amazing” would be seeing a moose in one of these jackets walking on two legs down a city street. Can we please stop over-using this word? It’s an example of lazy writing.

      • Jackie

        I agree in principal but 1) headlines aren’t usually about *not* using hyperbole and 2) I despise the word “cute.”

      • Stella

        Probably more accurate for this lot: “20 perfectly adequate winter jackets.”

      • Toadie

        I’d call that APC coat pretty fucking amazing.

    • Stella

      Coats without collars are ridiculously impractical (looking at you, otherwise cute yellow Radley). You know, if it’s cold outside. You either have to wear a scarf at all times, or a hoodie underneath.

      Then again, I don’t understand short-sleeved sweaters. Are there people whose torsos get cold but their arms get too hot in sleeves?

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Maybe it’s just living in the Northeast, but in the winter I am absolutely resigned to wearing scarves all the time.