There Is A Onesie For Adults

All around the country, temperatures are beginning to dip. In the Northeast, a snowstorm outed power for days. New Yorkers got some of the worst of it. And here in Southern California, we’ve seen temperatures get all the way into the 40s. Brr!

If you’re finding it hard to stay warm under such harsh circumstances, try this on for size: a new company is now selling a onesie for adults, called the “Forever Lazy.”

According to this infomercial, the Forever Lazy has a baggy fit that makes it perfect for everything from sitting around watching TV to tailgating. And is it just us, or might the narrator be suggesting certain other cold-weather activities when she encourages wearers to “just slip it in, zip it, and get lazy”?

[via Refinery 29]

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    • jenna

      I actually just bought my boyfriend a onesie recently! they sell them at walmart for like 40$ and they even have a trap door. (not this brand though, some walmart brand)

    • Anna

      I get a strong adult baby vibe from this, so no thanks.

    • Erin

      A couple of weeks ago, I was on a flight reading that SkyMall magazine, and they were selling ADULT FOOTIE PAJAMAS.

      So, take that, adult onesie. There is officially a garment that is crazier than you.

      • M

        My 6′ 200lbs-ish ex has 6′ 200-lbs-ish man-sized fleece footie pajamas. He has worn them to the grocery store. I am so proud.

    • Abigail

      Sadly, it’s not the onesie that creeps me out. It’s the “easy to use” escape hatch in the back…

    • Ew

      Pretty soon teenagers will be wearing these to class. Then to the mall. Then out to dinner. Because that’s how this shit works.

    • miinxi

      Doesnt Victorias Secret already sell onesies?

    • gezz

      I like the cotton adult onesies at