Real Talk: Have You Ever Lied To Your Significant Other?

And if you have lied, was it some minor white lie, or more of a Liz Jones sperm stealing thing? Please don’t let it be sperm stealing. Please.

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    • Cassie

      wtf, Edward & George!! not cool!

    • Fabel

      Such contrast between Dana making sure to include “lying by omission” in regard to minor family criticisms, and Carl who thinks he’s not lying about his infidelity because “she never asked”. If you’re cheating & you choose to answer a survey question like this, at least admit that YES your secret indiscretion would count as lying-to-your-significant-other!

      • Christa

        Yeah, seriously? Is she supposed to ask him every time she sees him if he’s cheated on her, just to check?

    • jack

      Where do you find the guys you use for these posts? They’re always the worst goddamned people. Girls, you wouldn’t know it by reading this but most guys are pretty decent human beings and nothing like Edward and George.

      • Erin

        ^ Thank you for this.

    • rita

      When I was in elementary & middle school, I was a compulsive liar… to everyone – my friends, my parents, my teachers. Mainly, it was typical little kid make-believe lies to make my life seem more awesome and I really started to believe my stories myself.
      As I got older, I continued lying to make myself sound less lame, because as my friends went out partying and such, I preferred staying home and would make up excuses. No biggie, right?
      Well I never thought my childhood problem continued into my adulthood, but when I got engaged my fiancee told me all he wanted was honesty. And I can honestly say I thought I gave just that to him. But he has been able to catch me in dozens of white lies that I didn’t even realize! We’re working through it and luckily he blames that fact that I’m a public relations major but it has been very eye-opening. The whole truth and nothing but the truth might be trickier that one might imagine.

    • SP

      LOL George! You don’t ACTUALLY think that’s how real life works, do you, silly?

      And a sincere LOL to Fifi, who was hilarious.

    • Allie

      Has Carl told his significant other that he knows how to write? Because that would be a lie. (Seriously – punctuation! It’s kind of important!)