Courtney Stodden Undergoes Televised Breast Exam To End Speculation About Her Implants

Unsee this.

We don’t really know what’s up with Dr. Drew‘s fixation with Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson, but we don’t really know what’s up with ours, either. Anyway, Drew hosted the world’s most upsetting couple on his show Lifechangers and Courtney underwent a breast exam to prove her breasts are real.

The clip is pretty confounding because it appears that they find an implant, say they’ve found an implant, and then look from another angle and suddenly it’s all, “False alarm!” All we know for sure is that it’s exceedingly disturbing that a 17-year-old is facilitating this kind of speculation about her body on television.

Still: cannot. look. away.

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    • rita

      i always wear my stripper heels to obgyn appointments/breast exams also.

    • Goldie

      The eyeball breast exam I gave her is still coming up positive for boob job.

    • Aj

      How inappropriate was this episode???? I watched it yesterday and couldn’t believe they gave a MINOR–because that’s what she is– a breast exam (covered or not) on national television in front of a live studio audience. On what planet did Dr. Drew think this was somehow OK? I guess I just found this extremely exploitative. Not that they aren’t exploiting themselves, but I would expect more out of someone who claims he’s a “doctor”.

    • jill

      holy shit. our world is seriously messed up.

    • Kelly