• Tue, Nov 8 2011

Gallery: Kate And Pippa Dolls Are Terrifying

Enough horror movies have been made about dolls to make us wary of any small, plastic human with an even remotely sinister look upon its face. For that reason, no matter how much we might love the royals (and we do…we do), there is no world in which we will be purchasing the Kate and Pippa Middleton replicas made by a company called Hero Builders.

Here’s why:

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  • Megan

    My God. The “Robot Chicken” guys need to call this company.

    • Jeannette

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Emily

    Why does the doll have nipples????

  • Chickalupe

    The first photo made me scream silently under my breath until the dog woke up and started barking at the high-pitched noise. D:

  • Barb

    Gee these dolls are kind of manly looking. And I hear they are going for 50 bucks apiece. Check out this doll on http://toppsites.org/will-and-kate-dolls-stuff a lot more feminine looking.