How Men Feel About Your Patterned Tights

Honestly, while their opinions are interesting, it’s just too depressing to ask men how they feel about romantic issues, so we’re moving on to other lady topics. Beauty or fashion topics! A friend of ours once stated that men don’t like patterned tights. Is this true? We investigated with a group of heterosexual man (who we seriously did not expect to give us such thoughtful answers).

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    • Lauren

      I’m actually surprised by this. I had no idea guys noticed that much.

      The only problem I have with what someone said was Cameron saying that good tights should last forever. Tights pretty much disintegrate after a week. I may get 2 wearings out of them before I get a run in them.

    • Natasha

      I’m glad guys like tights because I sure do. Where do you get the ones on the right in the picture on the title page of three pairs?

    • Kai

      I kind of treat clothing like I treat hair, makeup all all that other appearance stuff: it’s about what I like first, then my friends, then if I can get away with it at work/in public, then what the “experts” might think , then whoever else is left over (be they male or female).
      I’m not going to change how I dress if I’m in a relationship, so if someone wants to be into me, they’ll have to have to be into me in argyle tights sometimes.

    • Fabel

      Same– sometimes I ruin mine the same day I wear them. They’re not like other “good” clothing items, an $18 pair will last me as long as a $3 pair (like…34 hours)

      Also, I’ve had guys tell me they like tights because they feel nice (nicer than my bare, often stubbly legs!) but I was also surprised by how much these dudes noticed about tights.

      • Fabel

        Meant to reply to Lauren– oh well!

    • Charmander

      Haha Cameron – “good tights should last you forever”

      You obviously do not understand tights at all. You’re lucky if they last you 3 wears.

      • amber dawn

        I know right?!? Wasn’t he the same dude who was like “CRY FOR ATTENTION!” what a doofus.

    • A

      Tights = lasting a whole season if you treat them right. Seriously, Target $5 tights have lasted me an entire winter and into the next fall.

      Nylons = 1-3 wears if you’re lucky.

    • Mike

      I’m a guy, and I loooooove them. That is all.

    • Kate

      I wear tights for my own enjoyment. i really don’t give a fuck about how men may feel about them.

    • Silke

      We’re talking about tights, not pany hose, right? There’s a difference. I had a pair of tights with Marilyn Monroe’s image screen printed on them that I wore on and off for many years. I must have washed them in a washing machine at least a hundred times.

    • Steph

      I also didn’t know men had such an opinion on tights. I had a pair of patterned tights, but they were ruined rather quickly, as in, I put them on just to see if they fit, and they ripped.

    • MR

      A woman’s legs are always nice to look at. Obviously tights make them more shapely. I also think a woman’s hands can be quite beautiful too. But since you’re throwing romantic over the side…. :)

    • Kelly

      What? Men, I dont care what you think of my tights!! I’m wearing them for me, not you. No one is going to wear a pair of purple floral tights because they think its sexy, they do it for themselves.

      Plus, if what I use to keep my legs warm is that big of an issue for you, why would I want to talk to you in the fist place

    • Winter

      Oh god, the girls in tights on the Wolford website is almost as good as porn. They look amazing, and any woman who walked up to me in something like this could do whatever they wanted to both me and my wallet.×299-98417.jpg

    • Jenn

      I’m with Lauren — I had no idea that men were so into patterned tights, but after I read this, I decided to try lace tights instead of solid ones under a dress on Friday night and got tons of compliments. Then, I went out in a pair of tights with a flower design on the back and got even more compliments. One of the friends I went to the dance with even pointed them out to a girl he was dancing with. The things you learn at The Gloss…

    • Cori

      Could someone tell me where I can buy the tights on the first slide? I love them!

    • Dave

      Ladies, your patterned tights are so, so sexy! Men love them!!!

    • Tommy

      I can not speak for all men , but me personally I love to see women wearing cute patterned tights & hosiery. Theirs nothing sexier than to see a pair of nice legs & pretty feet encased in some sexy tights or sheer hosiery……

    • Jenns Joe

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