The 13 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen During Sex

Sex, by default, is embarrassing. You’re at your most naked and vulnerable with another person who you may or may not have feelings for. Or, on some occasions, who you barely know.

But there are specifics events that can happen during sex that are downright humiliating. From emotions to commotions, here are the 13 most hilariously tragic.

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    • Anna

      I have no problem with queefing. It just means his huge dick went all the way in and then came out again. Fine with me!

      • Darren Milton

        Very well said, lol

    • Goldie

      You forgot a big one– breaking up. One time I was having sex with a guy I was dating who came, pulled out, and broke up with me all in about five minutes.

      I am thanking baby Jesus that I (or a partner) have never farted during sex. My worst nightmare is doing that while a guy is going down. Or the in-laws walking in…. yeah it’s definitely the in-laws one.

    • Enzo

      As a guy, I don’t see queefing problem either. It’s a little comical, and it’s just air.

    • menis

      what’s wrong about queefing? it’s just some noise from her vagina, problem? u mad?


    • Kai

      The time my mind stared wandering and I blurted out “I lost a necklace today.” Maybe not my most embarrassing but I think about it sometimes.

    • sascha

      “If you made it through that list of booze without hurling, you’ve probably passed out by now. It may be the best part about being on the bottom.”

      Brandy, really? :( Unless I’m reading this wrong (in which case I’m sorry), this sounds like date-rape territory.

      • Brandy Alexander

        Oh no! You should only be embarrassed about passing out if you’re having sex with a known, trusted, and loved partner.

        Brandy does not condone date-rapey confusion.

    • LR

      My husband and I agree that saying “I love you” during sex is totally normal!

    • The Rabbit

      Queefing is fine for me. It’s actually sexy.
      Very nice article though, keep it up!

      John Dwayne Dela Cruz – Blogger
      The Most Popular Versions of The Rabbit.

    • David

      I would never have sex with someone if I another person was on my mind. That is downright direspectful and basically means you’re using that person to fulfill your fantasties. Er, not cool.

      I always laugh when air comes out after sex (queefing). I think it’s funny and I hope the woman I’m with can laugh at it too.

      • lindaloo

        lol yea i dnt think it’s embarassing at all really, it’s just natural but damn it sure feels weird :) there really hasnt been too much that i’m embarased of during sex but i also been f’n the same man for 13 years so yea we could be mid sex and i’ll be like oh yea babe remind me to start dryer lol or start laughing when tuning in for a sec of whats on the tv. lol i am so wrong but it’s so fun :)

    • Ray Perry

      Passing a little ass gass could be a bit of a bummer.

    • MR

      When I was in college, I had this situation right after a messy breakup to sleep with someone else pretty quickly. Anyway she had to make me stand and perform oral sex on me first, but after that everything flowed very smoothly. I went out with her for a couple of months after. Yeah, she was a really nice person that happened to me.

    • Nyckname

      Frustration is the first time you can’t get it up a second time. Anxiety is the second time you can’t get it up the first time.

    • Amanda

      How about getting a leg cramp.

      • lindaloo

        haha yea that does suck or the worst is the foot cramp that feels like it was just twisted in 10 diferent way and pullin out in every direction like all your tendons and muscles are being ripped by a jagged rusted piece of metaland your bones were just crushed…..yea that sucks all u can do is scream letterally and cry and make him stop

    • Sarah

      How about: LOOKING AT YOUR WATCH because you know your husband is probably waiting up for you and you don’t want to be too late…

    • Joseph

      While I realize this list is heterosexist, farting is even more embarassing when your guy’s rimming you (and I’d guess that women would be more embarassed if they queef while their partner’s going down on them).

      • Chris

        Maybe it’s heterosexist because we don’t want people getting on here and ruining the comments with talk of dudes rimming you

      • Anonymous girl

        Heterosexuals do it, too. Idk why guys like doing that, but hey…whatever floats your boat. I hate it, personally. It feels like I need toilet paper to wipe afterward.

      • Savannah

        Hey Chris! You’re a bigot that’s going to die alone. Congrats!

    • David

      How about this: You start giving him head and, against all f*cking odds, your jaw locks up while your mouth is wide open. You thank God the lights are off so he can’t see but he’s asking you what’s wrong and you can’t answer him because you’re physically unable to pronounce words. Meanwhile, you’re freaking out because you can’t close your jaw and this has never happened to you before so you feel completely helpless. As soon as you’re able to process your first clear thought it’s nothing more than a self-reminder that you’re in the middle of the worst “sex” you’ve ever had.

      YEP! That happened to me. Not one word of that experience was fabricated, unfortunately.

    • lindaloo

      yea a loooooooong time ago i was having sex w this loser guy in my sisters boyfriends car anyway i thought he was so hot and i snuck out to go do it somewhere well turned out he was absolutely HORRIBLE LAME SUCKED there was seriously not one damn good thing about it except when it was over. so anyways i was extremely bored n he was taking a little while so finally i just looked up at him and in the most bored tone and blank expression i said ARE U DONE YET?????????? the look on his face was hilarious lol. and he was one of those badass kids well one that thought he was so badass and so cool n better and hotter then everyone. HA after that night i no longer thought he was hot or even cute. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!1

    • Jane

      Concussion. One moment my hair was being pulled, the next it wasn’t and I slammed my head on the window sill. That kinda stopped the whole thing dead in its tracks, though we went for round 3 the next morning fine enough. After three days of napping every hour at work, I finally fessed up to my boss and she sent me home to recuperate.
      But seeing as we weren’t exactly dating, nearly breaking my face and then having a panic attack about it while icing my face with frozen veggies wasn’t exactly the coolest moment of my life.

    • Shanay

      My sister once said her husband went down on her and she farted in his face. I still laugh at that comment.

    • Crispy

      So you are planning a three-some with you (male) and two-girls and you realize the day before that you are a bit on the hairy side. So you’re shaving those weird little patches of hair off your back when you suddenly realize your butt cheeks are a bit hairy too. So, what the hell.. you shave that off as well. Next day comes around and about 25 minutes into the three-some you see your ass in the mirror and realize it’s covered in gross, pimply red dots from the razor burn! At least they thought it was funny..

    • Andy

      Falling asleep while getting a bj.Totally pissed the women, off but hey I think she got the picture….

    • COCO

      Ladies/gents! Please do not be jealous! but, my man is well endowed! and sometimes he “gets it in” so far, that it makes me pee!! LMAO!! He laughs, but I become so embarrassed! I always jump up, pp, wash up, and we start over! I think he loves the fact that since I am the one who stops the sex, I always get him back started with a long BJ! What do you all think? ;-)

    • elle

      The worst: trying to find the gum in your mouth so you can swollow it before giving head and its not there.. after thinking nothing of it, you feel it stuck in your guys puebs. Yeah that was fun to tell him..
      Not to metion the next time we got together after that “incedent”, we just started 69ing and I realized I had gotten a bloody nose.
      haha Thank God I give AMAZING head ;)

    • Raven

      My boyfriend was giving me oral and I farted, OMG I was sooooo embarrassed I started laughing and he giggled a bit to but he didn’t care and kept on going.

    • Lacey

      I think not knowing you’re on your period and you’re just about to do it then you realize there’s blood all over the bed. That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me!!

      • melissa

        that is bad but me… i didnt know i had started untill my man got done eatten me. talk about a red face. lol

    • Lauren

      I once called out the name of a gay friend when i was at it with my boyfriend. this was after falling asleep. Seriously.

    • Tricky

      Giving head only to have my ex push my head down his throat, I gaged and vomited all over his dick. Yuck I felt soo bad he apologized for being rough though.

    • Kasi

      I was about to have sex with my girlfriend today for the first time an i wasn’t able to get an erection…..i felt so bad…..I really don’t know what happen….i hope i don’t make dat mistake a second time!!! Any one has suggestions as to what i should to…..Am afraid i lose my girlfriend.

      • Maria

        If she ever thinks about breaking up with you for an erectile dysfunction (be it temporary or persisting), she is not worth your time.

      • iiii

        Happens when you’re nervous or thinking too hard in your head to get hard. Just relax and look at her body, think about all the sexy things that you will be doing, things you want her to do to you etc. It will come up automatically :)

    • Udim

      Do you people know that having sex outside marriage is a very serious sin before if you have been doing it you better run away from it because it will destroy your destiny.The body is not for fornication (1corin.6:18-20).Except a man is bornagain he cannot see the kingdom of God and know that you are not safe untill you are saved.

      • Patrick

        Shut up, no offense, but, stop trying to force religion down other peoples throats.

      • Frizzy 223

        You are an idiot and bible thumpers like u should go ride a cowboy, if you don’t like thet other ppl have sex stay off of pages ABOUGHT SEX

      • lee

        Jesus is a cunt, so fuck him

      • RagingBeaver

        Agreed. Fuck all cunts, including Jesus.

    • Helen

      My ex friend s demand sex from me but

    • olivia

      when your hips pop of place , yelling stop stoppppp

    • tinydancer1

      We’ve all been there? No, some of us actually waited to start doing things like drinking and having sex till we were above the age of 12 and thus able to handle our liquor. People who vomit from drinking too much is proof to me that most humans have not evolved and it is sad to me these people have the organs to create a child when they clearly can barely take care of themselves.
      Sincerely, someone who has never vomited from drinking because she’s not a complete moron.

      • JIM

        Give it time…. youll get there

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