Victoria’s Secret Angel Chanel Iman Gained 15 Lbs. For The VS Runway Show

Adriana Lima (center), Chanel Iman (right) via Getty

On Monday, Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima revealed her grueling pre-show weight loss regimen: no solids for over a week, a lot of “powdered egg” protein shakes, and a gallon of water a day… until right before the show, when she consumes nothing at all. We had pretty mixed feelings about it, but were refreshed by Lima’s directness, as most models (and their publicists) would have you believe they’re perfect without even trying.[tagbox tag="Victoria's Secret"]

Then Chanel Iman came along. Unlike Lima, she actively gains weight before the Victoria’s Secret show. Fifteen pounds, to be exact:

Chanel Iman on the other hand, focused on gaining weight for the show. “I’m always the opposite of everything,” Chanel told us during Modelinia last week. Having already gained 15 pounds, Chanel’s been working hard to keep the weight on. “I drink a lot of protein shakes and do a lot of weight lifting,” she said. And the day before the Fashion Show? “I have a big potluck at my house. All my friends bring over food and we barbecue and party it up!”

It’s worth noting that Iman’s background is a little more fashion and Lima’s is more commercial (though both women have crossed over) but… barbecue and partying the night before the show? This is some pretty serious showboating.

(via Modelinia)

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    • Robert

      I think it’s awesome that Chanel gains some weight for the show. She always looked a bit too skinny for Victoria’s Secret.
      And kudos to Adriana for telling the truth.

    • Kelly

      Yeah, something smells fishy. I can buy that she gains weight in preparation. But a barbecue the night before? No one in their right minds would eat shitty food and party the night before such a big career occasion, because you’ll feel like crap the next day.

      • Kelly

        Sidenote: I totally wish I had a job where I got to be part of a sparkly rainbow dress group.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        If only just for a day!

    • Fatima

      Chanel is 20 y.o. Adriana is 30 y.o. Chanel should enjoy that metabolism while it lasts and yes I’m extremely jealous of her “problem” with keeping on weight.

      Lucky chick.