Kanye West Wore A Leather Skirt. Look At It. Look At It.

Kanye West performed at Madison Square Garden last night and we’re sure it was really great and he played a bunch of great songs and everybody had fun. All that being said, this is a fashion and beauty site and we tend to cover Kanye primarily for his sartorial decisions, like showing up to Occupy Wall Street in Givenchy and gold, designing a spectacularly ill-conceived womenswear collection or opting for the same airy Celine shirt as Jessica Simpson. Although last night wasn’t really about fashion, Kanye still made a really, really intense fashion statement:

You may look at this image and think to yourself, “Well, that’s a leather skirt Kanye West is wearing.” And you might even consider how it’s interesting that Kanye’s skirt is a little subversive in his super machismo’ed out field of hip-hip. You might also think to yourself, “That looks more like an apron, Ashley. Why are you so dumb?”

Well, that’s fair. But really, what you should think to yourself is, “A skirt over pants will always look stupid. This is some Jennifer Aniston-in-1998 shit right here.”

We expected a lot more from someone that Carine Roitfeld, Anna Dello Russo and Anna Wintour have championed.

Even Jay-Z is gesticulating wildly about it:

And the polls have opened:

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(Photos via HuffPo)

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    • Angelina

      Oohhhh Kanye, Kanye, Kanye…

    • Winter

      I’d like to see it without the sloppy overshirt; it’s not too terribly far off “Okay, it’s a skirt.. but he’s carrying it off… kinda..”

      Dont hit me.

    • julie

      i think hes secretly gay and is fucking jayz but is too much of a bitch to admit it

    • Zimmm

      I really like that he actually takes some fashion risks and is secure enough in his masculinity to try out some unusual things.

    • porkchop

      I don’t have a problem with skirt over pants–it reminds me of high school cheerleaders in the northern states! Also, I grew up on the shorts-over-sweatpants brilliance in “The Goonies.”

    • Christina

      I don’t how to feel, because I say that picture and thought; I’d wear that…