Shopping Guide: Patterned Tights Men Love

After our incredibly scientific study with a sample size of six, we’ve conclusively proved that most men love patterned tights. QED, if you wear these patterned tights, men will probably just chase you down the street, wildly proposing marriage. Logic! Or your legs will be slightly warmer than if you wore nothing. Either/or.

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    • George

      One man’s perspective—Unless you have legs to die for (and perhaps even if you do), showing a little bit of a pattern under a long-ish dress/skirt will be definitely noticed and can be a great conversation starter, if the pattern is quirky. A lot of the wild designs look great on models, but in real life probably hard for real women to pull off successfully in a short skirt.

    • Amy

      I wore these to class and the men went crazy. I had no clue.