The InStyle Stylist Game Is Really Hard

You can play it here. You’ll probably do well. We failed. Like, we pretty consistently picked the wrong item. But you know what? I’m just going to say it – cerulean blue cut-out booties are never the right choice outside of one scene in The Devil Wears Prada. One scene!

“Shake things up with a pale neutral style that adds sophistication?” The fact that bags are pale pink does not make an outfit sophisticated. That does not even make sense, InStyle Game.

You know what you should wear? Neutrals with lady like pumps. Just wear those all the time. Here! Before you take the InStyle game, see if you can be a stylist at TheGloss. What should you wear?

1) Cereulean booties with weird cut-outs

2) Something leopared print with pink

3) Ladylike pumps and neutral dresses

4) Some snow leopard printed pajamas that got sent to us – from Kohls? – because frankly it’s really cold in this office.

Were you fooled? The correct answer was 3. 4 was “what you’re actually wearing.”


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    • Lauren

      So the first few tries I genuinely picked what I would pair with everything. I got everything wrong. So I went with a new strategy, “What would I never ever wear?” And I started getting everything right.

      • Jenny

        I did the same exact thing! I wasn’t getting anything right, so I started to ask myself “what either clashes and/or looks uncomfortable?”

    • Jen

      I picked number 3! Snow Leopard pj’s every time! I bet they’re fuzzy & soft, too. Oooh, now I want to go home and put on my pj’s!

    • RoRo

      That game is terrible. They put together the weirdest things, and then condescendingly tells you you’re stupid for putting together what makes sense to you. It’s a fashion dictatorship and In Style is the overlord!