Red Carpet Rundown: All The Models At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

As we mentioned, the Committee on Social Thought Victoria’s Secret held its annual fashion show extravaganza last night and everything that came down the runway was appalling. As for the women that wore those nightmare creations, they walked the red carpet and did glamorous, fancy stuff all night (before retreating to their homes to eat solids by the fistful). Here’s what Miranda KerrAdriana LimaCandice SwanepoelChanel Iman, Doutzen Kroes and the rest of the angels wore. Hope you like micro-minis!

(All photos via Getty)

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    • Cee

      Yet another article hating on the VS models…did someone try out and not make it? For a site that talks about respecting women, you are the quintessential example of a bitter girl who cant deal with someone prettier than her so you just pretend theyre all airheads to make yourself feel better. I hope you dont go into VS stores and write bitter teenager stuff all over their walls.

      No matter how many blogs you write about them, they will still be beautiful..may be GASP! smart..and make awesome runway shows.

      • Jill

        You are an idiot.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Ashley Cardiff tries out for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show every year and is consistently rejected. Afterwards, we just sit together and eat, like, a bucketful of kale and shout all the lines to Gia and cry. Why are you so insensitive? Why won’t you let her work through the pain?

    • Maris

      True story: Ashley & Jennifer were the ones who dumped chili on that VS display a few months ago. Everyone thought it was retaliation in anticipation of getting rejected from the fashion show again, but it was really a gesture of good will: a meal for the Angels after the show.