Next Week Is Family Feud Week At TheGloss

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Also, has anyone ever thrown a bag of popcorn at someone else over a lighthearted disagreement about Obama at your house? No? Huh. Me neither!

But if you have had some sort of feud at your home – over Thanksgiving or otherwise, but especially over Thanksgiving – we want you to tell us about it in 600-800 words. We try to err on the side of humorous, but if you want to err on the side of “absolutely horrifying”, hell, we’ll take that, too. So! Next week, tell us about your family feud. The best story will receive a terrifying box filled with turkey bones and cranberry sauce, or whatever else seems appropriate.

As always, submit your stories to Jennifer[at] (or Ashley[at] if you like her better).

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    • MR

      Obama popcorn hurl? Yes, very funny. 600-800 words? Sorry can’t do it. But let me forecast: my brother and I rethoric FDR New Deal policy and how it saved the Country. Our parents spew Reaganomics and only if it had been given a chance. The rest of the family watches from the sidelines – though food’s always good, and my brother and I help prepare it: Yes, all within 50 words. Hey, I do got a good Obama thrashing story at the hands of the Georgian woman, I met and hiked with for six days this summer, if you’re interested? The only thing that saved me was I let her know I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980. She agreed, he is a great man.