How Men Feel About: Your Fur Vest

Last week we found out that men really, really like your patterned tights. This week we’re polling another group of heterosexual, non-fashion expert men on this fur vest trend to see if they think they’re sexy or weird or any other adjective. And we’re learning about Hulk Hogan in the process.

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    • Fabel

      Damn Fred, you convinced me.

      • Chloe

        The problems with fur aside, why does a man need to buy it?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Because no woman anywhere will ever have that kind of cash, Chloe.

    • Laura

      Egbert’s response is hilarious and true!

    • Maria VS

      Because paying in cash is just so vulgar!

    • MR

      Well you got me goofing off almost an hour earlier today. Anyway on a side note, I don’t have a position on animal rights cause I find it hopeless to create boundaries – aka animals have been the victim forever.

      Yes, I’ve have been to many a shindig where many of the ladies have worn fur coats. I agree with Fred on this one, that is a coat is the only way to go.
      Hmm, now if I buy an expensive dress for a woman who I am close to. Does that count? Yeah, right. :)

    • Tania

      Is this Fred the same Fred who’s been a total asshole on other Real Talks?

    • Nicole

      Hey Fred. I’ll buy my own coat, thanks.

    • Mollie C

      Personally I dont agree with anyone wearing fur, I think its so sad that animals are a fashion accessory!
      Nicola Chapman