Some Hipster Idiots Are Asking For A Haircut Called The ‘Hitler Youth’

Michael Pitt as Jimmy Darmody on "Boardwalk Empire"

The New York Times Style section is always good for finding out what trends have been around for about three years already. Today, they published a short piece about a haircut that has been seen on young people since about 2007 in which the sides are buzzed and the top is kept long and floppy (that’s what she said).

The cut, West Village barber Sam Buffa tells the Times, is sometimes called the modified McSqueeb, the J. Edgar Hoover, the Jimmy Darmody — or, by a certain subset of hipster idiots, the “Hitler youth.” Why? Because the look is indeed reminiscent of aryan youth heiling the führer in 1930′s Germany.

The thing is, is that no one really gives a fuck how these kids — or, probably, grown men — wear their hair. Do that shit up however you want. But no matter how hilarious you think it is to be ironic about absolutely every fucking thing in your life, no matter how cool you think it is to be completely and totally disaffected, guess what? Some people who are still alive today were brutalized by those uproarious Hitler youth. Some people’s entire families were murdered.[tagbox tag="hipster"]

So for the same reason that you shouldn’t dress up as a sexy Anne Frank, your stupid ass shouldn’t go into a barber shop requesting the “Hitler youth.” Check yourselves, hipsters of the world, and find a different description. Or just bring a picture, like the rest of us.

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    • MM

      I find this haircut incredibly attractive. However, calling it the Hitler Youth is pretty asinine, not only for the aforementioned reasons but for historical ones. It wasn’t a special Nazi haircut, it was just fashionably for men in general in that time period (and earlier, as you can see in Boardwalk Empire).

    • Jill

      I don’t really see where there’s proof of “hipsters” doing anything? Is that just your all-purpose slur for white people?

    • Fatima

      I agree with the article. Like whatever you like but clamoring for a style called the ‘hitler youth’ is beyond insensitive and downright stupid. Some people think it’s cool to be gauche. What a world we live in.

    • vomiting

      How is this haircut ‘hipster’, or hipsters more likely to use the phrase ‘Hitler Youth’ to describe it?

    • Sam

      I have multiple friends with that haircut but I’ve never once heard it called that (or anything besides “longer on top and short on the sides,” really). I have a feeling it was just a couple of morons and the Times felt like giving a ~*controversial twist omg*~ for their article about these craaaazy kidz and their hairstyles.

      MM is definitely correct–it was a really popular hairstyle for many, many years and I’m sure anybody could just google “photos from the 20s” or any decade around then and find loads of folks with a similar cut.

      If I ever did hear somebody use the term “Hitler Youth” like it was a comical thing to call a haircut, though, I’d be pretty fucking pissed as well. Inappropriate, insensitive, etc.

    • RussoTuristo

      What a moronic article. The level of shitty politcorrectness here is over 9000.
      Most people associated this hairstyle with young guys from Hitlerjugend. So why its wrong to call it that way?
      And Hitlerjugend was not some evil crime organisation which caught the poor Jews and Gypsies and sent them to concentration camps/
      It was combat division . And one of the best ones despite the fact that the average age of guys out there, 18 years. They dont commit mass crimes they fighting with soldiers.

    • Bruno

      I think it’s a little over the top to get upset if someone calls it “hitler youth”. I have had that hairstyle now for about 10 years, because I like 20′s-40′s fashion and style. Me and my friends sometimes call it “hitler jugend”, like a joke, but that is not something to get angry about.

    • Harry

      I live in an area of Europe that was under Nazi occupation so let me tell you, you’re a bit of a twat. No hairdresser here would know what you want if you asked them for a McSqueeb or the J. Edgar Hoover. However, ask for a Hitler Youth and they know what to do. Its not trying to be hilarious in any capacity. We call it a Hitler youth for ease of communication.

    • Wah Wah

      Wah, wah, wah. Way to make a colossal gas giant out of a toddler fart. This ridiculous attempt at pretending to be more “aware” of cultural sensitivity than people who are asking for a classicly masculine haircut, while reducing them to “hipsters,” feels forced and bitter.

      Sprucing up your melodramatic moral torch-run while using potty mouth comes across as naive. Instead of crying a good-for-business river to Zion in order to win favors and conform to propaganda, try growing up, shutting up, and accept that you’re dumb. Let’s see how offended you pretend to get when people make comments regarding other “genocidally-linked” historical factions like the Soviets, the Young Turks, the Chinese, all of Africa, and everyone else that ever existed. Somehow THEY managed to maintain their senses of humor regardless of offending their entitled victims.

    • Get real

      This is a classic short sides and back haircut except with no taper in it. Popular in the 30s and 40s especially with men wearing hats. Made it also easier to look sharp even if you couldn’t get a shower every day. That’s probably why the military sported it.

      Connection to Hitler? None.

    • Timfuckoff

      this hair cut is sick, fuck you all who think different, this is not trendy it is the way men should be styling. Bring back a local barber who gives you a close shave and slick hair cut…

    • Gerald Geraldstein

      Your contempt for hipsters is a little too evident in this article…

    • ashnathan

      I think you’re an over sensitive idiot if you think a haircut has anything to do with the barbaric Third Reich and Holocaust, you need to check your shit, because you aren’t the voice of reason, you’re a fool with a keyboard who thinks their opinion matters, grow up.

    • russianlongboarder

      Seriously? I like his fucking hair. Im not following hitler and killing a bunch of ppl and starting a world war. I just like the fucking HAIR!

    • Zak Jones

      Did you say ‘hipster idiots’ and then use ‘that’s what she said’ in the same article?

      Obviously you’re a piece of shit.

    • phaggot

      die in shit dickhead lol the guy who wrote this article is retarded

    • Axis Soldier

      never go full retard…

    • karkov

      This article sounds like it was written by a Zionist.


    • fuckyou

      If shouldnt give a damn about how men wear their hair, then what the hell is the point of this article? Nothing better to write about? You are aware that revolution is happening in Egypt?

    • S-Dub

      The author needs to get laid. Take a chill pill.