The Editors Debate: Which Snow White Trailer Is Better?

EIC Jennifer Wright is already camping out for Mirror, Mirror while deputy editor Ashley Cardiff claims that she prefers Snow White and The Huntsman on the basis of “everything being better than Mirror, Mirror.” They end up talking a lot about middle-period Phil Collins.

For reference:

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    • Colleen

      I will watch Mirror Mirror on the basis of Nathan Lane alone.

    • Aimee

      I love the look of both! I definitely want to see them.

    • Kristina

      I love Phil Collins.

    • Eileen

      1) Kristen Stewart is no beauty-threat to Charlize Theron (who may be using her own accent? South African accents are a little hard for me to pin down)

      2) Julia Roberts is amusing, and Nathan Lane is awesome.

      3) Armie Hammer’s real name is Armand Hammer. He is baking soda. Even though this is not a recent name for the family, I still find it amusing.

      4) Those were the movies. In terms of trailers, I thought that the “Mirror, Mirror” one made more sense than “Snow White and the Huntsman.” For what it’s worth.

    • Abena

      They look like completely different movies. Yes, obviously based from the same story, but not really comparable.

      I also agree with Eileen that I don’t understand Charlize Theron’s evil Queen’s motivation. The other Snow White looks much more the classic part.

      However, I’d see both. They both look fun for different reasons (‘Huntsman’ for the battle scenes, ‘Mirror’ for the camp).