Mother-Daughter Lingerie Ads: How Do You Feel?

New York based designer The Lake & Stars‘ latest campaign features photos of a mother and daughter wearing their fall/winter 2011 line of lingerie and tenderly caressing one another. You know, like moms and kids do. Wait, what?

Maybe this is my Connecticut upbringing coming out here, but does anyone else find these images just a tiny bit creepy? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think they’re beautiful. Mother and daughter clearly share a lot of quality genes, and it’s sweet that they seem so…close. So many of us lose touch with our mothers when we move to New York to model underwear. The lingerie is nice too, although it doesn’t look like it would work on anyone above a C-cup due to lack of underwire support. But, here’s the thing: lingerie is an item we buy in order to feel sexy and confident about our post-pubescent bodies. Unless your name is Oedipus, that’s not a feeling you really want to have around your mother. OR IS IT?

I’ve included the rest of the campaign here. When you’re done being creeped out by it, come back and tell me what you think.

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    • Kaylaandrena

      It doesn’t help that this photo would be really creepy even if the women were fully clothed. The daughter is looking at her mother like she is her lover. That’s the most disturbing aspect in my opinion, but without the women grasping at each other I think it could be less creepy? Maybe?

    • KaraN

      This is taking creepy to a whole new level…

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      I feel uncomfortable without even looking at the gallery.

    • Kylie

      Also, who’s mother really looks like that? No stretch-marks, wrinkles, laugh-lines or sunspots? Really? Come on. Those are the things that make real women beautiful… these are very beautiful shots but seem incredibly weird because both the mother and the daughter have exactly the same body at *ostensibly* different ages, which is, to say the least, impressive. (read: abnormal) But overall, lovely design, beautiful lingerie, gorgeous women.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      According to the designer, they were trying to challenge conventional notions of age and beauty. What they were trying to do was a good thing, but the “mother-daughter” angle obscures their original message.

    • Goldie

      The facial expressions and poses give the photos a sort of a stylized intimacy that’s easy to accept with models with no history together but that feels totally absurd with people who you know have a real relationship. Pile semi-nudity and mother baggage on top of that and you’ve got something really weird.

      It reminds me of those awkward pregnancy portraits couples take where the woman tries to invoke Gaia/Mother Earth/Goddess and both of them stare off in the distance solemnly (and sometimes semi-nude). How can you look at anyone with a straight face after you’ve seen those photos?

    • Kj

      …why is “creepy as fuck” not an option for the poll?!

    • M

      The mother/daughter aspect doesn’t weird me out nearly as much as the black, vacant, soulless, Rebecca-Black-in-a-music-video expressions.

      • M

        Oops, blank*. Clearly my fingers go faster than my brain.

    • Paralia Maria

      Simple. I don’t like it. I agree mostly with the comment before me by Kaylaandrena, though I’m not sure that it would be less creepy without women grasping at each other. Mother and daughter, togehter in the pictures should be fully closed, except in the case of a mother and an infant!